Fiona Tarr, Author of The Eternal Realm series, shares her process…

I wrote my latest book in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak and I have to admit, staying creative with all the distractions was more difficult than I have ever found it. Even if I closed all the tabs on my browser and turned off all social media notifications, my mind kept wandering to places I really didn’t want it to go to. My frustration levels were rising, and I was in despair. Writing usually takes me away from this world, into my own little creation—so what could I do?


I know, research should be far from creative. It sounds like something you make your kids do for a school project or a university essay, but research is where I find my inspiration, my creativity. While researching, I find my imagination starts to kick in. The real world gets left behind for the historical world I’m drawing my stories from. I end up with this long word document full of excerpts from article, links to websites I might need to return to later and the briefest outline you’ve probably ever seen a writer produce, but it works for me.

Writing stories that are loosely based in history takes a lot of research to ensure the timelines click together nicely and that the ‘made up’ parts of the story are historically feasible in a the culture and time of the story setting.

Writing stories with a mythological, political or broad religious slant, takes even more research because no matter how you write it, someone will ultimately be offended by your perspective, but that is where my creativity thrives—In the tension between readers understanding of how historical events have been recorded and what might have really happened. I guess alternative history is a form of what I write, but my genre is very much fantasy based, so I like to keep it in the fantasy realm.

Have you ever been lost in a daydream? That is how I feel when I find my creative moments and the words just start to flow. If someone speaks to me, I probably won’t even hear them at first and even if I acknowledge them, I likely won’t remember doing it. Research helps me find that creative zone and putting my fingers on the keyboard and getting started on adapting that research is what releases the creativity needed for me to write.

So when I find myself losing my creative spark, I take a break, read another writers work for a bit and then plunge into researching my book, my series, or the general historical times of the setting so I can daydream my way into the scenes I am wanting to write. Like a movie, the pictures run in front of my eyes as I write and the words on the screen seem to echo where my imagination has been.

Reign of Retribution, the third and likely the final book in The Eternal Realm series and is a mythological, historical retelling of a little know Old Testament story. The story is told in a time when women were traded like cattle and men made the rules when it came to religion and politics. The eternal realm is at war, fighting over humanity’s worth, while the humans are oblivious.Fiona with JEricho

As a special offer, I’m offering book 1 in the series for 99c until the end of June.

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If you have already read book 1 and are ready to finish the series, then jump right into Reign of Retirubiton

Reign of Retribution

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Book 1 is on sale at 99c
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