Wisdom from Cheryl Landry, Reiki Practitioner of Nature Within

I would like to introduce you all to my friend, Cheryl Landry. Cheryl is a talented Reiki Expert, medium, massage therapist and small business owner. She provides Reiki and other healing treatments and creates her own line of skin care products. In addition to all that, she’s also a really lovely person, so when I was asking creative people to share their words of advice and encouragement during this trying time, Cheryl leapt at the chance. Here’s what she has to say:

Spiritual Connections while keeping “NATURE WITH IN”            

 Blessings All! I wanted to share that we are not alone. I know this because I have personally witnessed messages/feelings/visions from past on Loved Ones, Angels, Ascended Masters ( Shamans, Jesus, Mother Mary, Isis, Buddha, Monks…..), Animal Spirit and other Guides where my Family, Friends and Clients have shared their experiences, confirmations, inspirations, and some have had visions and shifts with their emotions, mentally, physically or soulfully. 

I was gifted in offering, with the combined support from these Light beings, through Energy and Reiki Treatments to people, animals or any living organism which is hands on or off. I awoke to these energies after my Dad passed in 2004 and then after leaving a 28 year marriage in 2012. I started receiving messages from a Shaman and then other light beings. I was trained with Reiki and then Shamanism and now I am a Canadian Certified Reiki Master where I connect with Shamanism, Angels and consistently with Animal Spirt Guides.

Spirituality is NOT a religion and is the connection with All, which includes Creator God/creatures and our Mother Earth/Planet.  God is in all religions and is considered the same One and we are all apart of this loving light; I believe we all came from the God/Goddess/Light and we come to planet earth and other planets to experience much and share the love where we return home in due time to be one with Creator God, our Loved ones, pets….and then return to learn, share and spread the love/light. 

Within the last year, I have also been connecting to people’s past lives which confirms their desires and actions in this lifetime or suggests areas they could explore which resonates to them as they share confirmation.

I would like to share a few personal connections from the people upon my Therapy table but their names will not be revealed for their privacy.

Personal Stories from my Family, Friends and Clients:

I sometimes see/feel Angels and Animal Spirit Guides who also come in to help the client with something in their life where I will describe the qualities of that Angel or Animal  and in turn the client will state, “that is exactly what is going on in my life”. 

* Various Ascended Masters have come in with their energies where I feel the loving power emanating from them and I am blessed to visually see some as well.  The Client will share information such as “I connect with Mother Mary and amazed she is here with me”, “My relative was a Nun and I’m shocked that a Nun was here”. I seen a Lady’s past-life who was Isis and then she later shared that she connects with Isis.  I seen another woman in an Egyptian dress with dark hair to her shoulders in a past-life where she shared that when she got married for the 2nd time and “wore an Egyptian type dress and cut my hair to the shoulders” where her friends said “You look like an Egyptian Goddess”.

 *One of my favourite encounters was with a man who did not believe in ANY of the Spiritual ways/connections and he was on the waiting list for a heart transplant and was given 2 years to live. An elderly woman came in during the treatment with a turquoise blanket and I just love it when I SEE people, things and colours!

I informed this man that this lady is very loving to you and was quite sure she was a Grandmother on his Mom’s side of the family. This gentleman informed me after the treatment; “how would you know this was my Grandmother on my Mom’s side? My Mom would drop me off at my Grandma’s and she would ask me to pull out this turquoise blanket from a closet we they would cuddle to watch Grandma’s favourite soap opera and then when Mom would pull up in the driveway and Grandma would rush me to put the blanket away before Mom comes to the door.”

It was their special time together and it has been 6 years later where he is alive and still no heart transplant.

Let us remember; We are NEVER alone and that Energy Treatments give people hope during trying times and it can help them with emotional, mental, physical and Soulful issues.

Blessings, Peace and Love to All and OUR Mother Earth/Planet!

$_2Keep, Nature With In
Cheryl Landry

Windsor, ON

Call/Text 519 792 0156



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  1. We are certainly vibrating on the same frequency, Cheryl! Great post, and thank you for sharing your wisdom! Blessings to you! Be safe and well! Cheers!

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