Whatever you’re feeling… it’s valid. 

Dear Readers,

Like me, you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions as the world both changes drastically and grinds to a halt around us. Some of us are suddenly stuck at home when we’re used to being at work, others are working more and in less safe conditions as their jobs are deemed essential, and still others of us are adjusting to working from home and all that entails. No matter what your circumstance is, it’s an adjustment and it’s probably not easy. I’m right here with you and I want you to know that I get it. 

Now, as most of us are readers, writers, artists, and in general, creative people, this period of forced inactivity, and/or adjustment, and/or stress, can be particularly hard on us. We’re the kind of people that need an escape and need to feel productive and it can be hard to do either right now. 

So whether you are currently able to read or create or experiencing a slump, I want you to know that either is perfectly ok. We all are dealing with this unorthodox circumstance in our own way and it’s okay to feel whatever way you are feeling. 

That being said, we want to help. 

Our mission is to create and provide quality fiction you can escape into and I think that now, more than ever, our services are needed. So we’ve decided that for the months of May and June 2020 we’re going to offer everyone a free ebook so they can try us out and get to know what we’re all about and what we have to offer. 

So whether you are an old fan or a new reader, you’re welcome to order an ebook of your choice from our store and enjoy it FOR FREE. Here’s the link:http://www.mirror-world-publishing.myshopify.com

Just go there and use the code: FREEBOOK at check out. 

The deal is as follows, 1 free ebook, per person. We’re hoping that if you like what you find and it helps you to escape to another world, just for a little while, then you might come back for more. And when you do, we’ll be here. 

Thanks for reading and keep your chin up. We’ll get through this.


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