A few words from M|W author Joshua Pantalleresco

Hi Mirror World Readers

I wanted to do a guest blog for the site.  Originally, I was going to just talk about my new novel, the Cloud Diver, and why I’ve done the approach I chose.  However, the world’s circumstances changed everything.  I ended up back in Windsor because I wanted to see this crisis with my family.  They are what matter to me the most.

But, to my surprise, I’m busier than I’ve ever been.

So when this first hit, I wondered what I was supposed to do going forward.  Thoughts of CS Lewis came to me.  CS Lewis read what would become Mere Christianity over the radio while London was bombed.  In this time of adversity, we need more than ever people to step forward and keep living.

So I decided to release the Cloud Diver as an audio book.  Not only that it’s an experiment.  I am teaching myself audio engineering and storytelling on the fly.  Every week I’m releasing a new creation.  But that’s not all!  I had the idea after the first week that I would invite other authors and performers to share that storytime offer.  And you know what? I got people from all over.  Rae Neale debuted in episode 347.  Author Heather Chambers is own my 350th.  I got Bobby Nash following that.  And then, video game developer Felipe F Thomaz dazzles us with some instrumental amazement.

Plus, I’m still airing and interviewing people in this time.  My podcast is now at three episodes a week and you can subscribe at https://jpantalleresco.podomatic.com or wherever podcasts can be found.  Come listen and escape for an hour or so.

And if that’s not enough I’m hosting a Virtual Open Mic with the amazing Jim Jackson.  Jim is a world class storytelling who believes in community.   So we did our first event and it was awesome.  I got to hear first time authors, published professionals and everything in between.  It was a blast to host and I can’t wait to do it again.

Writing wise I’m busier than ever.  I got a gig I need to really tackle starting tomorrow for Prose Press. I got the outline for it in my head and I’ll be tackling the first draft this weekend.  I got a novel involving killer cupcakes and IP running in the back of my head.  I’ll be writing that too.

I got writing pieces being published all over the place.  My column at https://www.firstcomics.com is still going.  I just reviewed Artemis and the Assassin.  I’m going to miss physical comics but I’m still looking forward to where the medium is going.

I’m still creating.  I promised myself that this year I would live a creative life.  I’m letting nothing get in the way.  In fact, I’m using this time to get better at everything I do.  Because this is what I want more than anything else.

If you can take something from this time it’s this.  People can shine even now.  In fact, this may be your biggest chance.  People are reeling from this and looking for hope in all the places.  We don’t need any more terror.  The news delivers that on a regular basis.  We need escape, we need hope and we need joy.

In this time, it’s as if I’ve found my purpose.  That I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.  It feels great, and probably might be the craziest thing you read.

If you’re out there every day, you’re awesome.  You’re facing this head on, and I applaud you.  I hope you make peace with the world and just do the best you can.  If you are inside, waiting, get started.  Shine.  We need lights in the chaos.  Just do what you can.  That’s all anyone can ask of you.  I believe in you guys.  We all have to re-evaluate things.  That all said, going forward, we can still make noise.  We can still inspire each other.  I hope reading this, you’re inspired as well.

2015-08-29 12.58.28


Joshua Pantalleresco writes fiction, poetry and comics. He also loves to do interviews. He has written columns for comicbloc and allpulp and currently does so for comicmix. The Watcher is his second book of poetry. He resides in Calgary.

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