Coming up in 2020: Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana

You can find our whole line up of new releases for 2020, here. Last, but certainly not least, we are pleased to announce a new children’s picture book by Regan W.H Macaulay, in partnership with Kevin Risk and illustrated by Gord Bagshaw.

Here’s a quick preview:

official libby teaser Feb 29, 2020

No official launch date for this one yet, but it will be sometime in the Fall of 2020. But if you’re putting this on your to-read list, subscribe to this blog or our newsletter to be kept up to date on new developments!

Meet the creators:

rhcmacaulay-headshotRegan W. H. Macaulay

Regan writes novels, short stories, children’s literature and scripts. Writing is her passion, but she’s also a producer and director of theatre, film and television. She is an animal enthusiast as well, which led her to become a certified canine (and feline) massage therapist.

Kevin RiskKevHeadShot

Kevin Risk has had a varied history. He began in theatre, briefly transitioned into teaching ESL, then settled in library science. He currently works as a media librarian and spends much of his time preoccupied with metadata. When he’s not at work or at home, he can often be spotted running on Toronto’s Martin Goodman Trail.

Gordon Bagshaw - HeadshotGordon Bagshaw

Gordon Bagshaw, a stay-at-home dog parent of two beautiful shelties, is also a Canadian author and freelance illustrator. He loves to work with digital art, CG model texture painting, vector drawing and bitmap painting. He is the creator of the online comic strip, Frodo the Sheltie, including 3 book galleries and illustrator of the children’s book, Sleep Time For Mammals, which garnered 1 of 3 L.M. Montgomery Literature for Children Awards in 2014.  Gordon has resided in São Paulo, Brazil since 2008 with his lovely wife, where he teaches English for business, travel and continued education.

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