Review of JenEric Gourmet Coffee – Part 1

So Coffee isn’t exactly a ‘writing’ product, but for me drinking coffee goes hand in hand with productivity, so I thought I would share with you a review of the coffee I’ve been hooked on for the past few months.

JenEric Gourmet Coffee is located in Ottawa, Ontario. They’re a small company providing home roasted gourmet geeky flavoured coffee. Their flavours are all geeky-themed and unique. You can find their online store,here. 

For Christmas, I got their holiday package, twelve packages of 2oz each. I’ve tried the first six flavours and here are my thoughts on each of them.

  1. Pirate Coffee Butter Rum – Smooth and mild with a hint of caramel and a slight tinge of liqueur. Sooo good. 9/10
  2. Marshmallow Dark Roast – A sweet, dark coffee. I didn’t like this one as much as I thought I was going to at first, but after a few cups it grew on me. 6/10
  3. Razz Berry Medium Roast – Just tastes like coffee. Maybe there’s a hint of sourness from the raspberry or maybe I’m imagining it. 5/10
  4. Thor Orange Light Roast – Bright, slightly sour orange flavour right up front. Good in the morning as a wake-up call. Makes me think it would be good with a hint of cocoa powder. Maybe chocolate orange would be a good flavour to add to the collection? 8/10
  5. Nutmeg Dark Roast – 1/10 – Had a sourness to it, combined with the dark roast that I’m not overly fond of. It did not work for me.
  6. Canadian Maple Dark Roast – 5/10 – I made a cappuccino out of this one. I still don’t care for the dark roast as much. Like the marshmallow, the maple made it sweeter, but the marshmallow had more going on with the added roasted flavour. Then I made regular coffee and iced coffee with it and liked it much better, so I’ll change the rating to 7/10.

There are another six flavours left for me to try and I’m super excited about it. If you’re a coffee drinker, like me, and you like a variety of flavours, why not give JenEric Coffee a try?

Thanks for reading!

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