First Up in 2020: The Coffee Monster and the Land of Coffee!

Last week we announced our line up for new releases in 2020, which you can find here. Now, and for the next few weeks we’ll be focusing more in depth on each one of our new releases, starting with Nate Friedman’s upcoming sequel; The Coffee Monster and the Land of Coffee.

If you haven’t read, The Coffee Monster, Nate Friedman’s debut children’s picture book, you can find it here.

The Coffee Monster is a lovable creature that lives with the perfect family. There’s Mom, Dad, Jenna, and James. Coffee Monster is convinced he has it all until he learns that he had a family before his current one and some of them still live in the Land of Coffee. Given the opportunity to take a trip to the land of his birth, Coffee Monster goes on an adventure to learn the secrets of his past and his family heritage, and most importantly the true meaning of the word, family.

Here’s the cover, by the talented Saba Bushnaq, who is the illustrator for the series: CM2titleedit2 copy.jpg

The Coffee Monster and the Land of Coffee, along with a revised second edition of The Coffee Monster, will launch Feb 17th, 2020! Or, you can pre-order now from our store, here.

Author Bio PicNate Friedman is a writer from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He grew up around the game of hockey with many early morning practices and games in his life so far. He graduated from the Kinesiology program at the University of Windsor with a concentration in Sports Psychology. His education has fuelled a keen interest in how people think and what drives them to be their best. Comedy is his first love, from Jim Henson’s Muppets to Walt Disney’s perfect cartooning and his desire to be creative has directed him towards children’s literature. He enjoys reading to his nephews, two of his biggest fans.


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