Submissions are now CLOSED.

Thank you to all who submitted this season! If you haven’t heard from us, don’t worry, we’re still working hard at getting through the rest of what we’ve received and we respond to all queries, so you will hear from us by January 31st at the latest, whether we have your full manuscript or just your initial submission package! 

With that announcement made, I’m sure you’re all looking forward to finding out what new books are coming in 2020. As always, we will be announcing our 2020 line-up and introducing any new additions to the Mirror World family of authors in January, one book at a time to keep up the suspense! So if you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog or sign up for our newsletter to be kept informed of all release dates, cover reveals and book launches. 

Not only are submissions closed for the year, but we are also all finished with our holiday pop-up markets. Now, the only way to get your hands on a Mirror World book before the end of this year is to pick one up in a local bookstore, or order online (from us, here,or from a third party retailer, like Amazon or wherever you prefer to buy books). 

If you’re local to Windsor-Essex and you want to place a last minute order for the holidays, do so now (before December 23) in our online store with the PROMO CODE: WEDELIVER and I’ll make sure it’s delivered FOR FREE in time for Christmas. If you’re not local, I’m sorry, but normal shipping rates and wait times apply. I don’t have a magic sled as much as I’d like one. 

If you missed my last blog, we’re still offering a free ebook to anyone who wants to try us out in honour of our sixth year in business, just use PROMO CODE: BIRTHDAY in our online store. 

In addition to new titles, we’ve got lots of plans for the new year so keep your eyes open for more announcements and now is also the perfect time to renew or purchase your membership for the first time to get unlimited access to our whole collection for the entire year. That’s 35 e-books, plus the five more we’ll be adding this year for only $25.00, plus you get discounts on paperback novels. AND as a member, you don’t have to wait for launch days, you get your ebook during the pre-order phase, at least a month before everyone else. Click here to check it out and sign up! 

Thanks for reading. See you in 2020.

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  1. Boy 2019 went by so fast, as well as the craft show season! Thanks for bringing me on board to sell our reading wares! Cheers and all the best in 2020 for Mirror World Publishing!

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