Bringing Books to Readers

As an author and a publisher, my number one goal is to connect books with readers who will love them. It’s not only what I do, but why I do what I do. 

So I was very interested when I heard of an opportunity to donate books to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Windsor-Essex. You see, their usual book provider for the holidays couldn’t, for whatever reason, come through for them to provide books for ages 12-16. We happen to have a number of books for kids of that age group, so I met with someone over there the other day and we arranged to provide 50 books (some donated and some sold at wholesale) for the kids and teens to pick out as gifts at their holiday party. 

It makes me so happy to have grown enough as a business to be able to give back to the community this way. Six years in this industry is a real achievement. And some 50+ books will go out this Christmas to find their readers, readers who I know will be happy to receive them. I couldn’t ask for better. 

So I was going to use this post to write about the different ways you can find your audience as a writer, or marketer of books, but that’s not what this ended up being about. So instead, my message is this: be kind to one another, and give books as gifts! Some people could really use the escape. 

Shout out to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Windsor Essex for all the work they do. I hope their holiday party is a huge success. 

Thanks for reading.

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