Staying Motivated means staying Caffeinated?

Hello readers,

As we’re nearing the end of the year, Murandy Damodred and I are preparing for another #85KChallenge. That’s right, from January to March 2020, we’re going to try and write another 85,000 words!

To that end, we’ve made some preparations. The first is we’ve picked which manuscript we’re going to work on. Since the Mirror World series is finished on our end at least, (the last installment, Mirror’s Despair, will be released in 2020!!) and we’ve got our newest Ismeran book going out to beta readers soon, we thought it was time to do something really fun to give ourselves a break before we dive into another serious novel. So, we’re working on a sequel to Uncharted, which for right now we’re just calling, ‘Uncharted 2.’

Uncharted Cover FlatIf you want to check out Uncharted, our fantasy/adventure romantic comedy, go here.

Secondly, we’ve taken some tips from the planners in our lives and we’ve made some notes on characters, plot, and setting. So, contrary to our usual method we actually have some idea of where this story is going and how the characters will develop through it. I have a strong feeling these characters are going to throw a wrench in our well-laid plans at the earliest opportunity and make off with the plot themselves, but we’re learning how to plan and that’s got to count for something, right?

Thirdly, I’ve received my Yule gift early this year. Robert got me a Coffee Advent Calendar courtesy of JenEric Designs. (Check them out here). They make geeky coffee in all sorts of fantastic flavours and it’s my thought that the copious amount of coffee I just recieved in the mail will see Murandy and I through our 85,000 words and keep us nice and alert. We love to write while sipping tea or coffee and the more flavours our caffeine can come in, the better!

Are you considering the 85K Challenge this year? If you’re a writer and want to know more about it, check out the website. Or if you just like coffee, check out JenEric Designs.

That’s all for today! Back to submissions.

Thanks for reading.

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