5 drinks to enjoy while writing!

Most people seem to have a preference when it comes to tea vs. coffee, or even hot beverages vs. cold ones. I happen to like all of the above and I am always looking for variety and new things to try. So whether you like coffee or tea, hot or cold, there will probably be something on this list for you.

Here are my top five (in no particular order) beverages to enjoy while writing.


Flavoured Coffee from JenEric Gourmet Geeky Coffee

I’ve recently gotten into making coffee at home. I bought a manual grinder and a pour over style coffee pot and ordered up a handful of flavours from JenEric Designs. I do like plain coffee, but I tend to prefer variety, like I said, and Jen and Eric have some great flavours to choose from. I can recommend the banana flavour, which is mild and smooth and slighty sweet on its own, and the cherry flavour, which makes an excellent dessert coffee. I’ve also tried the peanut butter and the pumpkin spice, both of which I enjoyed. If you’re looking for quality flavoured coffee with cut packaging and interesting flavour choices, give them a try!

Arizona Iced Tea

I drank a lot of this stuff while in New Orleans for my writer’s residency. Iced tea is great for when the weather is warm and you want to keep cool and hydrated. Arizona Ices tea, if you are not familiar with it comes in giant, cheap cans, and contain ginseng, honey, and caffeine to help keep you alert while writing. What more can a writer ask for?

teaThai Iced Tea

Again, this stems from my writer’s residency, but there was a cafe about a twenty minute walk from where I was staying. Shout out to the Orange Couch of NOLA! Anyway, they serve a delicious version of Thai Iced Tea, which you can usually get only at Thai restaurants, at least in my experience. It was fantastic, cold, and creamy.

chaiTiger Spiced Chai

This one can be made hot or cold, though I prefer it hot. I love Chai Tea, but my favourite has to be the David Rio brand Tiger Spice Chai. It comes as a powder and you just add hot water and milk or cream to taste. This stuff is addictive.

Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffees-l300

This one might seem a strange inclusion on this list, but I’ve loved this instant coffee ever since my trip to Korea, which was years ago now. You can order this coffee online or get it from your local international market or Korean grocer (if you have one!). It’s another powder mixture, but they come in individual sized packets with the powdered creamer and sugar already mixed in for the perfect cup of double double coffee. They’re great to pack with you for travelling.


And that’s my list! What’s on yours? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Wait…you didn’t have scotch on your list? Wink. Love Arizona Iced Tea. Love NOLA! Cafe Dumond makes great coffee too! Cheers for the share, Justine!

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