Five Years Already…

Can you believe that Mirror World has been in business for nearly five years now? I certainly can’t. I mean, I lived through it, but the time seems to have flown by in a flurry of pages… literally.

We now have just over 30 titles for our readers to choose from by 18 different authors from all over the world. I know, crazy right?

And, as you may or may not know, you can have free access to our entire collection by becoming a member for only $19.99 a year. Members also get a bunch of other perks, such as discounts on paperbacks, early access to new releases, and access to our author/reader facebook group and our new release newsletter. Click here to sign up or for more information.

Since we’re coming up rapidly on the end of the year, I thought I would give an update as to where things are with us.

This month we’re busy attending as many holiday-themed events as we can fit in to offer you places to pick up our books locally in person. We’ll be at Windsor Crossing Outlet this Wednesday, December 12th from 5pm to 9pm and again next Wednesday during the same time block. If you can’t make it to either of those markets, don’t forget you can always order from our online bookstore and if you’re local, we’ll deliver to you for free with the promo code: WEDELIVER. Head over to the store now to browse our selection.  

In other news, Adam Giles and I are pleased to still be bringing you episodes of Mirror World News. We just finished filming a few more episodes for you, so there will be new content coming out each week from now until the end of the year. If you like the series let us know and make sure to leave some suggestions of what topics you would like us to cover in the future.

You may have noticed recently that our most recent sci-fi serial just ended (which if you missed it, can be found here) and you may be wondering what’s next. Well, do we have a treat for you! HL Carpenter has agreed to let us share their companion short story to their middle grade novel, The Ghost in the Gardens. So look out for part one of that starting later this week!  

Lastly, we are still swimming in a pile of submissions… digitally, at least. (Less papercuts that way.) I’d like to thank our editor, Robert Dowsett, and our slush-pile expert, Sabrina Wiese, for all their hard work and dedication this season. If you submitted but you haven’t heard back from us yet, don’t worry, we’re still hard at work and you will hear from us soon. If you would still like to submit, you have until 12/24/2018.

Our 2019 line-up will be announced soon, so subscribe to stay notified of all the new developments here at Mirror World Publishing!

Thanks for reading!

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