It’s all about Perspective; MW News

This week on Mirror World News, Adam Giles and I discuss the different points of view you can use to write your manuscript. We also have a surprise guest joining us. Here’s the episode:

Point of View is the perspective you tell your story from. Typically an author can choose from 1st person or third person, limited or omniscient. There’s also second person, but that’s not often used.

First person perspective is where the story is told from the perspective of the protagonist and only their perspective. The reader only sees, experiences and knows only what that one character does.  Second person perspective is reserved for roleplaying kind of scenarios like ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ books. It’s where the author is describing what the reader sees and experiences.

Third person perspective is where the writer is describing the actions/thoughts/and experiences of all of the characters in the story’. The two types are limited and omniscient. With limited, the perspective follows one character at a time, as if the ‘camera’ if you will, is over their shoulder or even in their head, depending on how close you want it to be. With omniscient, it’s god-mode, the authors knows and describes the thoughts/actions/experiences of everyone.

As a writer you should determine which perspective to use on a story by story basis. The best way to choose between perspectives is to decide what your story requires. Who’s story is it? An individual story of personal development? Choose 1st person. An epic quest-style story with multiple characters? Maybe third person would be better.

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  1. Good job, as usual you two! My favorite POV to use is third person. Love your surprise guest! Did she escape from the Fairy Falls Animal Shelter? Wink.

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