Yes, you read that right. Mirror World’s general submissions are now open. We will be accepting manuscripts until the end of the year, unless we state otherwise. If you have a manuscript that you want to send us, but you’re uncertain about how it will be received, let me put your mind at ease. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Provided you follow our submission guidelines, which can be found here and your manuscript is in the genre that we are looking for, we promise the following:

  1. We will read and review your submission.

We read and review everything that comes in. We may not get through the entire sample before we’re ready to make a decision, but we do make sure to give your manuscript a fair shake. We know how hard you’ve worked to get to this point.

2. We will respond to you within six weeks, usually less.

And if we’re nearing that deadline and we’re not ready to give you an answer, we will email you asking for more time. There’s no need to follow up with us.

3. We accept simultaneous submissions

We’re okay with not being the only publisher you send to. Just please let us know if you receive an offer while we are still reviewing. It may lead us to offer you a counter-offer, or at the very least allow us to move your manuscript to the front of the line and review it more quickly for you, so you can choose which publisher you want to go with.

4. We accept previously published or previously self-published manuscripts.

We’re open to doing revisions and new editions of previously published works. However, you must be willing to make changes to the existing work for a re-release to be worthwhile AND you must own all rights to your work and we willing and able to take the current version off the market wherever it is sold.

5. We will give feedback and/or suggestions on what your next steps should be.

We are a small independent press and we really believe in helping authors improve their craft. Even if your manuscript is not the right fit for us, or if we feel it is not ready for publication, we will tell you and offer suggestions for improvement. You will not receive a form letter from us (unless you don’t follow our guidelines. In which case, we will tell you to follow our guidelines đŸ˜‰ )

Any questions? Want to submit? Get in touch with us!


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