Why ‘Escapism Fiction’?

I love stories. I live for them. When I read, I tend to go for books that offer an escape from the real world. Recently I’ve wondered why that is. I think it has to do with when and where I read. Typically I will carry a book around with me all day in whatever bag I’m carrying and I will pull it out when I want to pass the time. Waiting in a waiting room? Read. Waiting to rendezvous with someone? Read. Taking a bath, or otherwise trying to relax? Read.

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Am I uncomfortable where I am? Is life boring or dull? Would I rather be doing something else? Do I need to unwind from work, or some other stress? In all of these cases, reading is often the answer.

So when I read, I don’t want to read about a life like mine; a life I can easily envision. I want to read something set somewhere else. Something that allows me to step into another person’s shoes. And I want it to be engaging so that it’s a story that sucks me in and tugs me along. If it does all that, it’s a story I’ll be thinking about, even when I’m not actively reading it, which is all the better.

And since those are the kinds of stories I like to read, it’s also the kind of stories I tend to write. And since it’s what I write, it has become what I’m in search for when I’m looking for another author’s work to publish. Hence Mirror World = Escapism fiction.


Escapism fiction for me is an engaging, creative character-driven story set in a vivid, imaginative world that is not our own, or at least not exactly our own. It’s a character’s exploration of another world, another culture, another time, or a possible hidden world within our own. Our goal is to literally bring you books that allow you to be somewhere else, even when you have to stay exactly where you are.

With that said, I’m pleased to announce that next week’s release, HL Carpenter’s The Ghost in The Gardens will be Mirror World’s 30th title! I’m super proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish since we started in 2014. 30 titles is so much more than I expected by this point in our existence. It’s been an amazing wild ride and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing authors, of which there are 16 of now! And also, our lovely readers and fans. Thank you for escaping with us!

4_262e619932784112b1f984e37d4e975d30th happy cake topper gold

So if, like me, you’re eagerly anticipating the release of our 30th book, I hope you’ll pick up The Ghost in The Gardens by HL Carpenter and give escapism fiction a chance.

Thanks for reading!  


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