A little update…

As some of you know, my sister, business partner, and the other half of my co-writing team, Murandy Damodred, has just given birth to her second son, Quinn. Though Quinn is still very new to the world, it’s obvious that he’s the polar opposite of his older brother Hunter. Where Hunter is pale, with blondish-red hair and blue eyes, Quinn has tanned skin, dark hair and deep brown eyes. Of course these features could and probably will change some with time, I can’t help but notice the parallel to Murandy and myself. We’ve always been a ying-yang of dark and light, and it seems her boys are going to follow in our footsteps in that respect.

Writing-wise, Quinn has put Murandy and I on hold. As you may remember from March, Murandy and I were unable to complete the #85K90 writing challenge. We made it about halfway through staying on track, but hit a few stumbling blocks in the story (mostly due to our lack of plotting, but I’ll get to that) and in life, with Murandy’s pregnancy taking its toll on her health. For those of you who don’t know, the goal of the #85K90 Writing Challenge is to complete 85,000 words (or, the length of the average novel) in 90 days, January through March.


To say that Mirror’s Despair, the fourth (and maybe final) book in the Mirror World series is half done would be a gross overstatement. In all honesty, we’re about 20,000 words in. The good news is that we likely won’t have to re-write much if any of that, the bad news is that there is a lot of work ahead of us, including re-ordering and adding some scenes to what we’ve already written.

So how did this happen?

Well, the short of it is, Murandy and I are not planners. We like to fly by the seat of our pants and we tend to do that well. The problem with that comes when you’re this far into a series and you’re trying to wrap everything up. As our readers know, the Mirror World series is quite complicated. It features parallel worlds, time travel, intrigue, and seduction. There are interweaving plot lines and time loops, and well, the series is an ambitious one to say the least. And we plan to do it justice.

How we plan to write ourselves out of this mess:

So now that Quinn is out of Murandy’s belly and into the real world, we’re ready to get back to the grind! This past week, I went through all of our notes and wrote out every scene I could think of and every last detail of what needs to happen before the end of this book. Then I wrote those all out on colour-coded post-it notes. Yellow for Mirena, Blue for Tendro, and Green for Odark (who will have a major role to play in this coming book). Then I painstakingly decided the order they need to be in, sticking them all to a giant whiteboard. This method is the same one I used to write the finale of Crimson Winter and it worked well then, so I’m relying on it again now.

Starting this week, Murandy and I are going to make time to write and we’ll start by checking which scenes need to be inserted into what we already have written and go from there. I’m excited to dive back into the thick of things and I know Murandy is too. We both get a little antsy when we’re not writing; like something is missing.

So that’s where we are with that. With luck, Mirror’s Despair will be coming to you late 2019. *Fingers Crossed*


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  1. You wrote everything out on color-coded Post-it Notes? Brilliant!

    I love learning about writers’ processes and I’m SO THRILLED to learn you’re back to the #85K90 novel. That’s so super awesome. Super duper awesome!



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