The Search for the Golden Feather by Elizabeth J. M. Walker – Part 5

The story continues… If you missed part 1, click here.

“What the-” she heard Oriella shout. Trina found she was able to peek out of a tiny hole in her sheet just enough to see that Oriella was also captured in a white bed sheet. She could also see who Oriella’s captor was: Nestor. Nestor was a khalkotauroi mage whose fire mage powers and strength came from fearsome mystical creatures: massive, fire-breathing bulls!

“C’mon, let’s get out of here,” she heard her captor say and felt her makeshift net get swung over her his shoulder.

“Loukas?” Trina said, recognizing the voice of one of her housemates. “What are you doing?”

“Tying up the competition until we find the golden feather,” Loukas, who was also a khalkotauroi mage, said. “We’re getting that suite.”

“By kidnapping two of your housemates?” Oriella shouted.

“We’re not kidnapping you,” Nestor said. “We’re just taking you out into the woods until we find the feather and win the suite.”

“We could work together!” Trina shouted. “It’s a big suite.”

“We’re not sharing the suite with girls,” Loukas said.

“Trina! Can’t you, like, sneeze or something?” Oriella called.

Trina tried to force herself to feel like sneezing, which she quickly realized was an impossible task. She tried to reach her magic within; it felt like a warmth inside of her, constantly burning. But she was still in the process of learning to use it at will. Most of the time things just kind of happened, such as the fire sneezes.

The two boys walked a fair distance into the woods and it was hard to keep track of what direction they were going in or where they were when Trina could only catch glimpses of foliage through the one small hole in her bed sheet prison. She hoped Oriella would have a better sense of direction in the woods once they got free.

“Here should be good,” Loukas said and dumped her on the ground.

“Ow! You are going to get detention for this for sure!” Trina shouted.

“It’ll be worth it when we win the suite,” Nestor said and Trina heard Oriella curse as she was dumped on the ground.

The boys didn’t untie the ends of the sheets. Instead, Trina glimpsed them taking ropes from their packs and could feel her sheet being tied to a tree trunk.

“Seriously?” Trina yelled.

“We’re going to come back for you as soon as we find the feather,” Nestor assured her as he finished tying his knot.

“Forget detention, I’m going to deal with these two myself,” Oriella growled.

“Oh, what’s the little elf mage going to do? Throw leaves at us?” Loukas said mockingly before loudly laughing. “C’mon, Nestor, let’s find that stupid feather.”

“It’s not a stupid feather! It’s Sir Gadison’s Golden Phoenix Feather!” Trina yelled after them, but she was pretty sure they had taken off at a run and had barely heard her.

“Anytime you feel like sneezing, just let it happen,” Oriella grumbled.

“I know,” Trina said, trying to get more comfortable in the tied-up sheet. The skirt of her dress had bunched up around her legs, which was not helping with her being able to become comfortable, and she had no idea how long it would take for her to sneeze, or if she would even sneeze fire again.


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