The Search for the Golden Feather by Elizabeth J. M. Walker – Part 4

We’re in the middle of this fantasy short story by Elizabeth J.M. Walker! If you’d like to get caught up, here’s the link to part one! Otherwise, keep reading:

“First we need to find the golden feather,” Oriella said. “So, have you heard anything useful or not?”

“No,” Eddy said. “I have no idea why anyone at Flora House would choose to carry out revenge on Knox House by stealing your precious golden feather of Sir What’s-His-Name.”

“Sir Gadison,” Oriella said, “and it’s the house heirloom.”

“Why do you even care?” Eddy asked the elf mage. “You’re not even supposed to live there. You’re not a fire mage.”

Eddy was right, but Trina remembered Oriella trying to fit in with the uptight elf mages at Oak House, only to feel like an outcast. Being the only dragon mage at the school had made Trina feel like an outcast, too, so the two had bonded as soon as they’d met on their first day of school. Since not too many people wanted to live in Knox House in the first place, and no one wanted to be roommates with a dragon mage, with exception of Oriella, Corbin had allowed Oriella to move in and be Trina’s roommate.

“It’s still my house,” Oriella said stubbornly.

“And whoever finds it first gets Corbin’s suite,” Trina added.

“Is it true he has his own pool table up there?” Eddy asked.

Oriella shrugged. “Only one way to find out.”

Eddy looked over his shoulder at Flora House and the group of frowning pixie mages who were still watching them.

“If you win, can I move in too?” he asked.

“No,” Oriella said. “Girls only.”

“I already live in a house full of girls,” Eddy pointed out.

“I might sneeze and burn your whole wardrobe,” Trina said.

“Forget it,” Eddy said and Trina smiled. She knew he cared about his clothes too much.

The sound of a twig snapping made them all turn in the direction of the Whispering Woods. A pixie mage with sky blue hair and a freckled nose came walking out of the forest, looking down and wiping tears from her eyes. She hadn’t noticed the trio standing at the edge of the woods between her and the path to Flora House until she was fully emerged from the foliage.

“Oh,” she said as she looked up and noticed them. “What are you doing out here Eddy?”

“Chatting,” Eddy said, nodding towards Trina and Oriella.

“Oh,” she said again, still sounding a little confused. “Okay.”

They watched as she walked up the path to Flora House, where there was no longer a band of fuming pixie mages on the porch.

“Who was that?” Trina asked.

“Chantelle,” Eddy said. “I think she’s a Fifth Year.”

“Does she usually go for weepy walks in the woods?” Trina asked.

Eddy shrugged. “I don’t see her very often.”

“Do we have our first suspect?” Oriella asked.

Eddy shrugged. “Why would a crying pixie mage want to steal your house’s stupid feather?”

“It’s not stupid,” Trina said. “Doesn’t Flora House have some kind of historic heirloom?”

“I think it’s a golden barrette…or hair comb…or…I don’t know, something girly,” he said.

“Maybe you should go and try console Chantelle during her time of obvious sadness and find out why she’s crying,” Oriella said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever really talked to her before,” Eddy said.

“But you like talking to girls,” Trina said. “Go on, find out some information and we’ll let you come play pool anytime you want.”

“Fine,” Eddy said, and went back up the path to Flora House.

“Now what?” Trina asked.

“This!” someone shouted from behind them, and suddenly Trina felt herself enclosed in a bed sheet and swept off her feet.


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