The Search for the Golden Feather by Elizabeth J. M. Walker – Part 3

If you missed the first or second part. If you would like more information on She Dreamed of Dragons, the novel this short story is a prequel to. Otherwise, read on!
“Well, this is a first,” Trina said as she walked with Oriella to the main cluster of dorm houses. “You never ask to go to Flora House.”

“I don’t think the forest pixies acted on their own,” Oriella said. “It’s obvious they’re in league with someone and wouldn’t the most obvious group of mages for forest pixies to be in league with be pixie mages?”

“They’re not the same,” Trina said, as they walked up the pristine white steps of Flora House. The dorm that housed mostly pixie mages and female fairy mages looked like a pink and white gingerbread house. There were curlicues around the windows, pastel pink shutters and a wraparound porch painted entirely white. The front door was painted pastel pink and had a large golden knocker in the shape of a rose. Trina reached up and knocked three times.

“Coming!” they heard a sing-song voice answer before the door was pulled open.

A pixie mage with pale blue curls frowned when she saw Trina and Oriella.

“Ew,” she said disgustedly and then abruptly turned away from them to call out, “Eddy! It’s for you!” in her sing-song voice once more. She gave them one more disgusted look before skipping away and not inviting them inside.

Eddy, the only male who lived in Flora House and the only male pixie mage in existence, quickly made his way to the door. He was wearing a freshly ironed pair of grey dress pants and a lilac dress shirt. His brown curls were a mess, but that was the way he purposely styled them.

“Hey cuz,” he said as he spotted Trina and stepped out onto the porch to join them. “Elf mage,” he said to Oriella with a nod.

“We have names,” Oriella told him, arms crossed over her chest.

Trina shook her head. Her roommate and her cousin were not the best of friends. Or even friends.

“What brings the two of you here this fine Saturday morning?” he asked as he flopped down onto the porch swing.

“Sir Gadison’s Golden Feather was stolen from Knox House,” Trina said, sitting next to him on the swing. Oriella chose to lean against the porch railing across from them, arms still crossed.

“So?” Eddy asked.

“By forest pixies,” Trina said.

“And again…so?” Eddy asked.

“Forest pixies don’t steal things,” Oriella said. “They make mud pies on our front steps and they sing ridiculous songs at the top of their lungs, but they don’t enter mage dwellings and they don’t steal things. They were obviously working with or for someone. Someone who has a connection to pixies.”

“You think I hired pixies to steal your stupid feather?” Eddy asked.

“Not you specifically,” Trina said, “but maybe one of the many pixie mage girls you live with. Maybe you…saw something? Heard something? Someone mentioning the feather? Someone mentioning how much they hate Knox House?”

“They all hate Knox House,” Eddy said. “Well, maybe not hate but, you know, you set things on fire. You fire mages are scary.”

As if on cue, Trina sneezed another fiery sneeze and the wooden armrest of the porch swing caught on fire. Trina quickly smothered the fire with her hands, but it was too late. The wood connecting the swing to the chains it hung on was completely burned and it broke from the chain, causing Trina’s side of the swing to completely fall to the ground. Trina went tumbling onto the porch with Eddy rolling on top of her.

The front door of Flora House was yanked open. A pixie mage with dark purple hair stomped out, surrounded by other colourful-haired pixie mages.

“Get off our porch, dragon mage!” she shouted. “You too, elf girl!”

“I’m sorry!” Trina said as she got back on her feet and helped Eddy up. Oriella was casually strolling back down the front steps.

“I’m so sorry!” Trina called again as she quickly ran down the steps.

“Sorry,” Eddy said, glancing from the pixie mages to his cousin to the broken swing. He followed Trina down the stairs and down the path away from the house.

“What was that?” Eddy asked as he caught up to the girls. “You sneeze fire now?”

“Apparently,” Trina said. “Maybe I have a cold. Or allergies.”

“Maybe you should stay away from people, and porch swings, until you figure out why you’re sneezing fire,” Eddy said.

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