The Wandering God by Joshua Pantalleresco is here.


Greater Worlds than These


Following the events of Stormdancer, The Watcher receives a vision in a dream of a city in turmoil. The dream haunts him, as does the voice that insistently repeats, ‘Help me,’ night after night. Leaving the safety of the tower of scientists behind, the Watcher and his friends embark on their final journey to locate the source of the message and come face to face with their most difficult obstacle yet: doubt. 

Though they trust the Watcher, Kristen and the others can’t help but fear that the voice in his head is driving him mad and leading them all to their deaths. Even the Watcher is afraid. He knows that listening to this voice risks everything he has obtained up until this point, but he can’t help but continue to follow it, driven forward by curiosity and an  instinctive need.


Beyond volcanoes, rock people, and deserts of nothing but crystal, lies the City at the End of the World. And there, the Wandering God awaits…


Tags: Young Adult, Poetry, Epic, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dragons


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Praise for The Wandering God:


“I can say with no hyperbole that The Watcher by Joshua Pantalleresco is, truly, an epic epic.” ~Dirk Manning, author of Tales of Mr. Rhee and Nightmare World


“Joshua Pantalleresco paints a stunning and vivid world through poetry and takes the reader on an adventure that is well worth a read.” ~Christine Steendam, award-winning author of the Ocean series and Foremost chronicles


Read an Excerpt:


now I stand in this space in the dream 

I know this cannot be real 

watching this whole story play in my head 

feeling the presence of someone 


watching with me 


“Help me.” 


I know the voice when I hear it 

it beckons me to another place 


the vision shifts to a city 

like the one I saw at the beginning 

it still stands 

surrounded by barrenness 

it thrives in spite of the growing emptiness around it 

vibrant defiance in an empty world 

those same structures I saw in the dream remain 

pointing up at the heavens 

daring the Wandering God to find them 


somehow I know 

that voice will be there 



“Help me.” 


I wake up 

gasping back to life from slumber 

happy to confirm it was only a dream 


I look around at the others 

sound asleep 

at peace 

dreaming their tranquil dreams 


I am thankful they came for me 

it is nice to know that in this empty place 

you are not alone 


I am glad to be with my family 

I wouldn’t trade them for anything 

I close my eyes again I am not alone


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Meet the Author and the Illustrator of The Wandering God:

Joshua Pantalleresco writes stuff…and podcasts too. He writes poetry, prose, comics and other mediums as well as hosts his own podcast show Just Joshing available on Itunes. He lives in his own head most of the time, and likes ice cream and baileys.

The Wandering God is his third book through Mirror World Publishing. He lives in Calgary. His webpage is and his twitter is @jpantalleresco.


Florence Chan is an illustrator, designer and 3D modeller from Calgary, Alberta, now living in Toronto, Canada. She is the illustrator of Marilyn Marsh Noll’s ‘Jonathan and the Magical Broomstick’ and Joshua Pantalleresco’s ‘The Watcher’ and ‘Stormdancer’ and has contributed to Jason Mehmel’s comic anthology ‘Fight Comics’ as well as Damian Willcox’s ‘Dorkboy: 1995-2015 Two Dorkades and Counting’.




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