Behold: The Wandering God by Joshua Pantalleresco

Exciting news! It started in 2014 with The Watcher, Joshua Pantalleresco’s unique epic poetry matched with Florence Chan’s unbelievable graphic art. The journey then continued with the sequel, Stormdancer. Now, the Watcher Trilogy is coming to a remarkable conclusion with The Wandering God.

The Wandering God will officially launch October 17th, 2017, but you can pre-order it now! And, if you’re a Mirror World member, you don’t have to wait; we’ll ship the book to you as soon as it is printed, or email you immediately in the case of an ebook! To learn more about becoming a member, click here.

If you haven’t read the Watcher, go here (oh, BTW, The Watcher – ebook version – is ON SALE for just $0.99 in honour of this new release!) If you’re not caught up with Stormdancer, that one’s here too. But when you’re ready, the Wandering God will be waiting for you and it’s one heck of an adventure.

Without further ado; here’s the cover created by the incredibly talented Florence Chan:


Here’s the description:

Greater Worlds than These…

Following the events of Stormdancer, the Watcher receives a vision in a dream of a city in turmoil. The dream haunts him, as does a voice that insistently repeats, ‘Help me,’ night after night. Leaving the safety of the tower of scientists behind, the Watcher and his friends embark on the final leg of their journey to locate the source of the message and come face to face with their most difficult obstacle yet; doubt.

Though they trust the Watcher, Kristen and the others can’t help but fear that the voice in his head is driving him mad and leading them all to their deaths. Even the Watcher is afraid. He knows that listening to this voice risks everything he has obtained up until this point, but he can’t help but continue to follow it, driven forward by curiosity and an instinctive need.

Beyond volcanoes, rock people, and a desert of nothing but crystal, lies the City at the End of the World. And there, the Wandering God awaits…

Whether you’re a fan of poetry or not, I sincerely recommend this series for its simple voice, easy narrative, and wonderful window into an imaginative post-apocalyptic world where dragons and humans clash and gods wander.

So, once again, here’s the link to pre-order! Enjoy! Oh, and here’s the paperback link. The Wandering God will be available through Amazon and other third party retailers within the coming days.


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