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On June 17th we released the first book in Sharon Ledwith’s new series for teens, Lost and Found: Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls. If you missed that, read all about it here. On the 19th, we had a live video party on facebook with Sharon where we talked about her writing process, her inspirations, and what she has in store for us next. You can find that video here.

Our next release this summer is a magical journey to a city ruled over by magicians that exists somewhere off the coast of Britain before the start of World War I. We’re really looking forward to the release of Spellhaven by Sandra Unerman and we hope you are too! We’re going to reveal the cover on July 13th here on this blog, but for now, here’s the blurb:

The Unseen Spirits must be entertained, so that the city may prosper……

In the summer of 1914, Jane Fairchild, a young English musician, is kidnapped by magic and sent to Spellhaven, an island city ruled by magicians. Here, peace and prosperity are maintained with the assistance of Unseen Spirits bound to the service of the Lords Magician. The Spirits must be kept in good humour by the performance of all kinds of shows, dance, drama and music. Jane is one of many people kidnapped from the outside world and forced to contribute to these entertainments for a set period of service.

Only Jane is having none of it. She will not perform for her kidnapper, Lucian Palafox, but agrees to undertake an apprenticeship with another magician impresario, provided she is taught magic in return. Jane’s forays into magic lead her deeper within the mysteries of Spellhaven, her rivalry with Lucian escalates and the quarrels between them grow strong enough to shake the city to its foundations.

You can pre-order Spellhaven in ebook or paperback here. (If you’re a member, you get this book as soon as you order it. No waiting! If you’d like to know how to become a member, click here.) This book launches August 17th.


Following Spellhaven, we have another magical new release coming. Our very own Leigh Goff, author of Disenchanted, has written another witchy masterpiece; Bewitching Hannah. Here’s a short description:

coming-soonGrieving the loss of her parents, sixteen-year-old Hannah, a descendant of the powerful Chesapeake witches, tries to suppress her burgeoning magic in favor of living an ordinary life. Unfortunately for Hannah, she attracts the attention of the Queen Js, a mean-girl witch clique at her new school. After an unwanted rivalry sparks between her and the head Queen J, Emme, Hannah learns of the prophecy which states that the coven’s two most powerful young witches will face off and only one of them will live.

The cover reveal for Bewitching Hannah will come in early august, and the book itself will launch September 17th.

September is going to be a busy month for us. We’ll be in Eden Mills for their writer’s festival September 10th, and then September 24th we’ll be in Toronto for the Word on the Street festival. If you’re in the area for either of these events, we’d love to meet you.

Or if neither of those work for you, we’ll also be in London, Ontario November 4th and 5th for the Southwesto Book Expo where we’ll be listening to pitches from writers, answering questions about small press publishing, and selling books!

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