Where do ideas come from?

I get asked this a lot: Where do you get your ideas? The answer is not very simple, I’m afraid. When writing or planning a novel, there are always things that influence the style, plot, characters, and ect. More often than not, those influences are subconscious ones. In the case of my latest novel, Uncharted, I’m aware of a few of the things that influenced me and I thought I would share them with you.  Oh, and you can read all about Uncharted and get your copy here. 

SherlockSherlock Holmes

When I first conceptualized the concept for Uncharted so I could pitch it to Murandy, my co-writer, I dubbed it a ‘Sherlock Holmes adventure on the high seas.”

My reasoning was that I had loosely based the relationship between my two male characters on Sherlock and Watson. And though the characters retain some of those characteristics, the novel as a whole didn’t end up being as I had initially envisioned it, so much. We dropped the detective angle and made Meredith the main character instead of Grey and Reginald and we added in a romance plot, because that’s just what we do.


I’ve played a lot of Skyrim as anyone who’s picked downloadthis game up likely has. One thing I thought was really neat about the game is that it is very open-ended. You can go wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like and tackle whatever quest happens to interest you, or leave something well enough alone if it doesn’t. In addition to that, there are a number of romance options, both male and female, and what gender you choose to play doesn’t limit you romantically. In Skyrim, it’s perfectly normal for characters to fall and love and marry regardless of their race or gender.

My point? I wanted Meredith’s journey to have a very open-world feel; that she could go anywhere or do anything and that it was her choices that made the plot move forward. Secondly, I wanted the culture of Saegard to be as open and egalitarian as Skyrim. Love is love.

Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider

There’s a small aspect of this type of adventure in Uncharted. In short, I envisioned a valuable ancient artifact on a stone pedestal in the center of a mountain temple. This artifact is stolen and the hunt for it begins.

1234867_10151837872384684_419366053_n10 Nations Roleplaying Game

This isn’t pop-culture, this is my own culture. A few years ago, I ran a roleplaying game I called 10 Nations which became the basis for the world where Uncharted and Unintended take place. In the game, there were ten nations and each was required to send an Ambassador and a spare to the High King to form a council to protect their nations’ interests.  One of these ten nations became the influence for Saegard, and the Ambassadors, Grey Rhodes and Reginald Lawrence, became the influences for their characters in Uncharted.

What about you? Where do your ideas come from? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. My ideas come from dreams and experiences. The Last Timekeepers series was concocted through a dream I had about 7 unique-looking arches and 7 characters (5 kids, 2 adults) approaching the arches with crystals in their hands. My other series, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls was based on living in cottage cottage, and working in an animal shelter. Go figure! Looking forward to reading Uncharted!

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