For the Swarm!

You may remember a while back I was involved in a podcast through Dice and Stuff called Runner’s Run. If you don’t, here’s a link to that post.  Well, that podcast was in support of Shades of Vengeance and their Kickstarter for a role-playing game called ERA:SURVIVAL. Now, Shades of Vengeance is back at it again, this time with an expansion set for their popular Survival Setting, so Dice and Stuff is helping them out by showcasing the expanded rule set in a new podcast and I’m back, helping them out by voice acting as one of the players!

The-Swarm-001-300x300So tune in and listen to Part One of the Podcast, entitled, THE SWARM.  In this podcast, the players are members of the Swarm, a post-apocalyptic cult with the drive to burn everything in their path in order to cleanse the world of the infection that plagues it. They will stop at nothing to complete this mission. In the podcast, the Swarm comes up against a massive free city and sends in the specialists to find a way in so they can burn the place from the inside.

Adam Giles is the game master. Sabrina Wiese plays Avry, a talkative medic. Robert Dowsett plays Quentin, a semi-reformed bandit. And I play Liv, a die-hard Swarm fanatic, born into the cult-like society. Together with our nearly mindless slave minions, we form the specialist team sent to risk our lives for the good of the Swarm.

I suggest you have a listen. Or check out the Kickstarter, here. 



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