Doing Live Readings: Uncharted

For an introverted author, like myself, live readings are challenging. Even more challenging than that, I think, are videos and live streams. Personally I find talking to a camera (and therefore a potentially endless number of people) to be even more intimidating than an event that’s only going to happen once with a fixed audience.

However, being an entrepreneur means conquering your fears and answering the tough questions, so now that Facebook Live is a thing that exists to help creators like myself reach our audience, I’m going to have to get over my stage fright and fast. To that end, I’ve been practicing.

First, you can always check out our Youtube Channel, where Adam Giles and I sit down to talk about all things publishing and writing from Query Letters to world building. Then you can head over to facebook and watch/listen to me read a short segment from my upcoming novel, Uncharted:

Then, if you haven’t had enough of me yet, I invite you to come out to the online launch party for Uncharted on April 17th from 5pm to 8pm (EST). RSVP HERE:

Then, if you’re local, come out to the Riverside Public Library in the evening on May 17th for a live reading hosted by Urban Farmhouse Press! I’ll be there, along with fellow Mirror World authors, Elizabeth J. M. Walker and Sharon Ledwith.

If you’d rather read than be read to, here’s the excerpt I read on Facebook for your enjoyment:
Uncharted Cover Flat

Despite her misgivings about it, Meredith was used to doing as she was told, so she picked up a large round tray and headed out into the dark and noisy common room. Music filled her ears as she stepped out into the fray. Men filled the chairs around circular tables, but the occasional woman could be seen sitting on a man’s lap, or on the table where his dinner should be.

The Fleur-de-Lit had a stage too, and it was well lit to showcase a few musicians and, to Meredith’s surprise, Yvette. She was singing beautifully, her hair done up in an elaborate fashion, which made her look much older, and her dress hugging her form in a provocative way. For a moment Meredith was entranced, but then she became aware of the lyrics to the girl’s song and her face heated uncomfortably.

Trying to drown the suggestive song out by focusing on the job she’d come out here to do, Meredith scooped a plate and reached past a gentleman to grab an empty glass.

“I’m telling you, Dion, even the help here has some amazing assets.” Meredith’s eyes went wide as she felt a rather large hand cup her buttocks. “Get it?” the man continued, patting her behind familiarly. “Ass-sets?”

“Excuse me, Monsieur!” she exclaimed, straightening abruptly. “Please keep your hands to yourself!”

Startled at first, the man chuckled after a moment, squeezed her ass one last time, and let go. His friend, Dion, also seemed amused by this display. “I don’t think the Mademoiselle likes your attentions too much.”

“Ah, she will like them well enough if I pay her to,” he returned, grinning in a knowing fashion.

Meredith was scandalized. “How dare you! I am a Lady!” Hardly knowing what she was doing, she swung the glass beer stein in her hand, hard. It hit the man with a satisfying thunk, the glass handle breaking off in the impact. He crumpled and slid off of his chair.




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