Books, Bytes, and Betas: An Update

Hello everyone! First off, I would like to apologize for missing a blog post last week. I’ve been so good about posting regularly this year that I hope you will be able to forgive my lapse. I’ve got a few things to update you on. The first is that the vampire comedy, This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J.M. Walker, launches this Friday!! I’m super excited. The novella looks awesome and I know for a fact that it is hilarious. I truly believe Elizabeth outdid herself with this solidly funny look at high school life for a former nerd girl in a world where Vampires are real only just like other awful things that supposedly exist, but you never run into such as – nudist colonies, mad cow disease, and your parents sex life.

You can join us on facebook from 6pm to 9pm EST for the launch party and get a chance to win This Night Sucks, or some other awesome books by awesome authors such as Rita Monette of the Nikki Landry Swamp Legends series, Sharon Ledwith of The Last Timekeepers Time Travel Series, the award-winning K.S. Jones of Black Lightning and Shadow of the Hawk and myself, Justine Alley Dowsett with the young adult sci-fi series, Crimson Winter!

In the meantime, here’s a short excerpt of This Night Sucks:

TNSCovertestwhitened copyFor the first three years of high school I was just another one of the nerdy girls, happily looking like crap and getting good grades. I put up with the teasing and taunts from the insecure pretty girls who never knew what it was like to be ugly, so they didn’t realize how easy they had it. But last summer I got my braces off and grew boobs. And discovered the flat iron, the boxed hair dye (mahogany #398), and the makeup. When I went back to school I sat at the same cafeteria table as my old friends: the ones who still had their braces and who happily did math homework while eating stinky salami sandwiches, chocolate puddings, and fruit roll-ups like a bunch of ten-year-olds. And I was angry at them – for holding me back, for never having introduced me to flawlessly straight hair and mani-pedis. I was disgusted by the bits of whole wheat bread nestled in their wired teeth and their natural-coloured hair free-flowing in any wave or curl it pleased. Their light blue mom-jeans. Their sweatshirts with cats on them. Their bookmarked Lord of the Rings novels. Their hopeless crushes on Benedict Cumberbatch and their epic fanfiction writing sessions about dating the Ravenclaw quidditch captain. Not that I don’t love all that geeky stuff, I just don’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world, freely giving the popular girls a cornucopia of bullying material. I keep my Anne McCaffrey paperbacks, emblazoned with dragons on their covers, at home. I don’t share my Star Trek fanfiction with anyone but my cat.

My nerdy friends were equally appalled at me for not being able to keep up in chemistry class and dropping all my hard classes and replacing them with my fluffy Home Ec/Vampire Ed/Art triad of classes for the students who were destined to not become doctors, engineers, or anything particularly useful. They stopped inviting me to their Battlestar Galactica marathons and I stopped caring. I just had my own Battlestar Galactica marathons. And The X-Files marathons. And Doctor Who marathons. All with my cat.

In other neBlack Lightning Cover Finalws, I’ve been asked a couple of times about our progress with audio books. Black Lightning by K.S. Jones and This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J. M. Walker WILL be having audio book versions released this year, however as we are new in the field of audio books, there have been some delays with launching them. Both books have been recorded and the Black Lightning audio book is currently available in our online store, but will be coming to major retailers a little later than expected. Keep checking this blog or subscribe to stay up to date with our progress on that.

Also, I was interviewed recently for a local radio show called Hardcover. The show will air today, June 13th, at 4:30pm EST on 99.1 CJAM FM if you want to tune in, otherwise the link to the online broadcast will be made available later today on our Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, as we announced on our facebook page this morning, we are now looking for Beta Readers for two of our upcoming books! The first is: The Time Traveler’s Resort and Museum by David McLain

“If you need to know men’s secrets
Or if there’s something you need to find
If you want to see the dinosaurs
Or the insides of your mind.
If you want to watch the earth begin,
Or see what the apocalypse will leave behind,
You need to thank Alice Anderson,
For Alice is the mother of time.”

That was how the rhyme went. Every time traveler knew it. Everyone that is, except of course, for Alice herself, since she hadn’t invented time travel yet. Since returning to London, Alice’s life has been turned upside down. She’s been accused of murder and lost her position in the scientific community. Her only ally in this journey is a strange man who seems to think that Alice may be about to open up a strange new world of possibilities, but is probably not telling her everything he knows.

And the second is Uncharted by (myself) Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred:

There are no coincidences…

Fated to be a Priestess of Saegard, Meredith dreams of leading a normal life with a family and a home of her own, something she’ll never have if she swears her life to the Order.  A chance encounter with a stranger in the sacred Celestial Chamber sends her previously well-ordered life into a tailspin of adventure and mayhem as she is blamed for the theft of a legendary artifact. Now a fugitive, Meredith must join forces with Captain Reginald Lawrence, the son of the man who initially brought her to the Temple, and his enigmatic business partner,  the charming yet at times infuriating, Grey Rhodes, to find the Celestial Bowl and clear her name. From the cosmopolitan capital of Saegard to the coast of Ismera and back again, Meredith’s journey will reveal the true nature of her past, present, and ultimately, her future.

If beta reading one of these two titles is something you’re interested in, please contact me at or using the contact us form on our website and if there is still space available, we will set you up with what you need to know!


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