This Night Sucks is ON SALE this month!

I’ll give you three guesses as to our featured book this month and the first two don’t count…

That’s right! This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J. M. Walker which launches June 17th is our featured book this month! And you know what that means, right? Yep, the ebook is ON SALE for $0.99 for the month of June. All you need to do is visit our webstore and enter the promo code: SUCKS. And, even though the book doesn’t launch until later this month, you can pre-order it now at the discounted price, or you can become a member and get this book in addition to the rest of our collection FOR FREE. Oh, and did I mention… members get this book as soon as they order it, whether it has officially launched or not!

This Night Sucks being this month’s feature also means that we’ll be talking about it a whole lot, so you don’t just need to take my word about how absolutely hilarious it is. First, let’s start with a description:

TNSCovertestwhitened copy“This night sucks!”

Lana is a high school senior enrolled in Vampire Education – a class to teach students about the very real presence of vampires in the world. Lana and her classmates don’t really expect to meet up with any undead bloodsuckers. Vampires are a lot like other scary things that supposedly exist but you hope you’ll never come across: nudist colonies, mad cow disease, and your parents’ sex life.

What is part of Lana’s everyday reality is navigating through one last year of high school while desperately trying to be less nerdy. She still loves spaceships, fantasy novels, and cat stickers, but she also recently got her braces removed, grew boobs, and is working on the makeup thing. She never expected her crush-of-a-lifetime Pete to even notice her – let alone ask her out on a date.

The date is going great until Pete’s ex-girlfriend Katy shows up, all bloody and pissed off. Lana quickly realizes that Katy is not just her ordinary bitchy self – she has been turned into a vampire which, in turn, takes Lana and Pete’s date from a hot and steamy make-out session to an unexpected vampire-hunting expedition.


Young Adult, Fantasy, Comedy. 100 pages.

Now, a little bit about the author:

Elizabeth J. M. Walker has published zines for over a decade and lives in her hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She Dreamed of Dragons is her first novel and This Night Sucks is her second.


To learn more about This Night Sucks and Elizabeth J. M. Walker, you can join us for her facebook launch party, or follow the release week blog tour! Or, just subscribe to this blog and we’ll keep bringing you more info!

3 thoughts on “This Night Sucks is ON SALE this month!

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  1. Congrats to you, Elizabeth! Life sure doesn’t bite for you! LOL! Will you be having a book launch or book signing? I want a signed paperback! Big hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Sharon! Not sure about the book signing just yet, but I’m sure I can get a signed copy to you! Thanks for the support!


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