This World is only the beginning…

First of all, I would just like to announce that Murandy and I finished the first draft of Uncharted the other day! It’s sitting at 96,000 words and 33 chapters as of right now, but I expect that will grow with the second draft as I flesh out some of the setting details.

Speaking of settings, I want to introduce you to a few of the many worlds of Mirror World Publishing as this month’s feature is our new library card program. Read all about our library card here and find out how you can become a member and get UNLIMITED access to Mirror World books all year long. Also this month we’re running a giveaway which members can enter here.

When you pick up a Mirror World Book, you’re getting a whole lot more than a great story. We publish books that take you away and inside each book (or book series) is a world just waiting to be discovered and explored.

Here are 5 samples of places you can pick up a book and visit right now:

  1. Ismera

In honour of #Uncharted, which is not a sequel, but is set in the same world, let me introduce you to Ismera:

Ismera copyThe world of Unintended by (myself) Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred is entirely fiction, but it is loosely based on pre-colonial Europe. Ismera is the English-speaking nation which is sandwiched between the Gaelic-speaking clans of Haldoram in the North and the Italian nation of Welland in the South. Across the Ismeran Channel to the east is the cosmopolitan island of Saegard – whose primary language is French.

Unintended largely takes place in the Palace in the capital city of Ismer where Mackenzie en Shareed, the daughter of Haldoram’s clan chief, has been sent to fulfill a treaty by marrying the Ismeran Prince. The romantic comedy is full of Palace intrigue, love triangles, and mistaken identities and is honestly just a whole lot of fun.WatcherFront copy

  1.  A  Post-apocalyptic world with Dragons

The two epic poems by Joshua Pantalleresco, The Watcher and Stormdancer take place in a distant future where the details of our world today exist only as relics. The Watcher is a slave who lives in a compound of humans who farm the land to feed their dragon masters. Braver than most, The Watcher escapes captivity because what he desires more than anything is to learn what else exists beyond the compound’s walls.

  1. The Mirror Worlds

We’ve already talked a little about the Mirror Worlds on this blog, but these two parallel


universes are the setting of Mirror’s Hope and Mirror’s Heart by (myself) Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred. These two fantasy worlds mirror each other in interesting ways and each character

has a double of themselves called a Mirror who lives in the world opposite the one they were born into. Let’s just say politics and intrigue can get kind of messy when there are two of everybody walking around!

  1. The Coliseum

imagesCAB8TH6SIn Adam Gaylord’s Sol of the Coliseum, the Coliseum where the main character Sol is born and raised is reminiscent of ancient Rome, but in fact it is set in a fantasy world of its own. Through Sol’s eyes, you can experience what life is like for an orphaned slave boy thrown into the gladiatorial ring, and then wonder with him what freedom might taste like beyond the Coliseum’s impenetrable walls.

  1. Rural Ontarioecoverforbidden

At first glance Forbidden by Matthew Freake may not look like it belongs on this list, but trust me, it does. As an LGBT historical fiction, Forbidden offers a glimpse into the reality of the life of a young gay man in rural ontario in 1957. Nathan takes a job at a rail yard where he meets the love of his life. Alex. They pursue the romance, but at great personal risk due to the nature of the times.


To check out these books and more, please visit our Bookstore!

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What are you waiting for? Come out and join us!



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