The Best Advice I can give to Writers

I’ve done my fair share of interviews and the most common question I’m asked is: What advice can you give to an aspiring writer?

My answer goes something like this: Write. Keep Writing. Write as often as possible. Write everyday if you can. Make writing a part of your routine. Make time to write.images

We all know the saying, ‘Writers Write,’ but let’s break it down, shall we?

My husband recently pointed out to me that when he exercises everyday and makes it a part of his routine, it becomes easy (or at least easier). But when he stops or takes a break for a few days, he finds it difficult to get back into the swing of things. His muscles protest and it feels as if he’s starting all over.

Writing is the same.

I suppose this is because writing is exercise for your mind, but regardless of the reason if you write every day you will develop a routine and the words will flow more easily. You will start to get better at your craft and your writing will improve. If and when you stop for a few days or even longer than that, when you try and get back to it, it will be a lot harder to get back into that head space.

When you write everyday you lose your place less often, you get a better overall picture of the development of your plot so far, and a real feel for your characters as people who are living their lives right alongside yours. At least, this is true in my experience.

Stopping and starting on the other hand, interrupts the creative process and can leave you feeling less motivated or simply frustrated with the effort of getting started again each time. (A big reason new year’s resolutions about exercise are hard to keep!)


So in an effort to stay in the writing ‘zone’, Murandy Damodred and I will be participating in the #85K Challenge on Facebook with our current work in progress, Uncharted. The goal is to complete 85,000 words in 90 days. If you’re fans of our latest release, Unintended, or just like our writing in general, you can follow along and support us on facebook or twitter with the hashtag #85K or #Uncharted

For those math challenged like me, that’s a little under 1000 words (roughly 4 pages) a day. If you’re a writer too, why not consider joining us on our quest? Here’s the link:

What’s your best advice to writers? Let us know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “The Best Advice I can give to Writers

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  1. Great advice, Justine! I have to get more into a writing routine in the new year. I find when I put down my writing for a period of time, it’s harder to get back in the flow. My poor characters are left hanging in some pretty messy situations when I do that! LOL! Happy New Year to the Mirror World gang! Cheers!

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