One door closes and another one opens

2015 was a wild ride.


In the first few months of the year we’d just signed on two new authors, Matthew Freake and Adam Gaylord with their novels Forbidden and Sol of the Coliseum when we learned that Musa Publishing was closing their doors.

We’d met the talented Sharon Ledwith at the Windsor-Essex Book Expo a few months earlier and I have to admit that I was eyeing her beautifully done covers and musing over the fact that her time travel series would fit nicely with our other titles. Neither of us could have expected that months later we’d be discussing a contract to re-release The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis and its prequel, Legend of the Timekeepers.

Musa’s plight became an opportunity for us and, after some serious consideration, we decided to invite the displaced Musa authors to submit to us. We couldn’t take all of their books, since as a small publisher we are really only equipped to be able to publish at most 5 books in a year. Still, we challenged ourselves took on a total of 12 books, including Joshua Pantalleresco’s sequel, Stormdancer and our own Unintended.

The-way-to-grow-its-true-is-to-bite-off-more-than-you-can-chewDid we bite off more than we could chew? Maybe, but we rose to the occasion and with help from our temporary staff, Gail Dowsett and Sarah Jane, and our intern, Lauren Ridgewell, we were able to pull through. If you’ve been with us until now, I hope you’ll agree that our ‘Summer of New Releases’ was a hit!

And we couldn’t have done it without the help of our team of beta readers, advance copy reviewers, and fans either. There are far too many of your to name, but if you’ve helped us out this year, please know that we appreciate it! We also hope you’ll stick with us as we head into 2016.

Speaking of 2016, we’re looking forward to it. As you may suspect, we’ve got a lot of things planned and more great books on the way. A few things you can look forward to are:

A monthly featured book

Starting in January we’ll be featuring a different book each month. What that means is that this book will go on sale in our store, you’ll get to read more about it here in the blog, and we’ll feature the author of that book through guest posts, author interviews and more. There will also be a monthly draw, so one lucky winner each month will receive a paperback copy of our featured book!

More episodes of our YouTube show, Mirror World News.

Coming up in the new year, Adam Giles will be interviewing the rest of the Mirror World team of authors and contributors. He’ll also be providing you with more writing tips and discussions on how to get ahead in the publishing industry. If you missed the last episode, What’s in YOUR Submission Package? You can check it out here:

More Authors and more books!

There will be an announcement here soon revealing our newest addition to the Mirror World family, so keep an eye out for that! The only thing I’ll say for now is that she’s a talented and award-winning author and we’re extremely excited to have her join us!

We’ve also got our next couple of books lined up and announcements for those will be coming soon!

More events and signings!

If you’re local to Southwestern Ontario, you’re in luck as the majority of our authors are based in that area and we’re making it our goal in 2016 to attend more local events and host more books signings than ever before! If you’re not local to us, that’s okay too, because we have authors from all over and we’ll be doing our best to keep you informed about where and when they will be making appearances.

And just MORE!

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5 thoughts on “One door closes and another one opens

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  1. Love the title, so appropriate! This year has been a huge challenge for me too, and finding a new home for my books helped me fly over one obstacle. Thanks to Mirror World for investing in me and my time travel series! Sounds like you’ve got many wonderful things planned for 2016, and I’m so happy to be a part of your plan! Cheers and best wishes for bestsellers!

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  2. The Mirror World team did a great job giving our displaced authors from Musa a new home. I truly appreciate the opportunity to get my Nikki Landry Swamp Legend series back out there. They worked hard to get all of the books out this year! And they turned out beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for our Mirror World family next year.

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