Our Submissions are NOW OPEN!!!

We’re looking for Escapism Fiction in ALL GENRES and for ALL AGES.

What is Escapism Fiction?

Books that take the reader to another time, another place, or another version of reality. If your manuscript transports a reader somewhere else, tells an engaging story, and then brings them back feeling like they learned or experienced something unique, then we want to publish your book!

For Genres, we consider primarily:

  •  Speculative Fiction
  •  Fantasy
  •  Science-Fiction (not military)
  •  Romance
  •  Adventure
  •  Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, or Children’s
  •  Cross-genre, or things that don’t fit genre norms.
  •  Outside the box thinking.

We’re looking for strong character development and strong story telling, as well as imaginative settings and interesting themes.

For types of manuscripts, we consider primarily:

  •  Novels (150,000 words max)
  •  Novellas (50,000 words or more)
  •  Collections of poetry or short stories with a cohesive theme
  •  Graphic Novels (art included)
  •  Children’s books (art included)

We don’t like to limit ourselves, so if you have something you think we’ll like but doesn’t fit the above list, please send it anyway. We’d rather take a chance outside our comfort zones than miss something great.

To submit your work for consideration, please email a query letter, short synopsis and up to 3 chapters to submissions@mirrorworldpublishing.com
We do take up to six to eight weeks to respond, but this is because we like to personally review each submission in an effort to provide feedback over a simple yes or no. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your creative fiction! Please visit our website: http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com/submissions for more information or take a look at our online bookstore to see if your book fits with the rest of our collection. Thanks.

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