The Big Announcement! Introducing Mirror World News!

000copyThe Studio is all set up and ready for filming!

I’ve had this idea for a long time, but those of you who know me will know that I’m not the kind of person who likes to be in the spotlight. At least not in the literal sense of the word. I’m more of a behind-the-scenes kind of a girl.

Even so, I’ve been dreaming of putting together a web series that focuses on writing, reading and publishing. A way to provide more valuable and interactive content and really showcase what we’re doing here at Mirror World. My only problem was that I needed someone to host it!

Thankfully, I went to school for theatre and therefore I have the privilege of being friends with some really amazingly creative and charismatic people. Today I’d like to introduce you all to Adam Giles, a close friend of mine and a very talented individual.

I met Adam when he was training to be an actor at the University of Windsor. In the 10+ years that I’ve known him, he’s wracked up an impressive resume with acting, teaching, and now as an entrepreneur with his company, Steps to Public Speaking.

258He’s also resident game master with Dice and Stuff, a role-playing podcast channel and website that promotes gaming in all of its forms.  And now, I’m proud to be able to announce that Adam Giles is going to be hosting our brand new weekly web series, Mirror World News!

8MWNEWSLOGOThe first episode of Mirror World News will air shortly here: <Mirror World News: 001 Joshua Pantalleresco Interview>
Please make sure to check it out and hit that subscribe button to keep up to date with each awesome episode. We’ll be bringing you author interviews, readings and reviews, discussions on genre and writing, and tips and advice for how to navigate the publishing world!

Our first episode features Joshua Pantalleresco and his new release, Stormdancer. I hope you check it out and share it around!



  1. What an awesome concept! Adam is the perfect pick for a host too! Looking forward to all Mirror World’s installments! Cheers!


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