Announcement! Submissions will re-open November 15th, 2015!

We’ve had a killer summer. Actually, the whole year has been great. We set ourselves some lofty goals and we rose to the challenge. Because of that, I want to thank a handful of people for helping us get where we are today. So a big shout out to the following people, without whom we would not have pulled off this ‘Summer of New Releases’!

Our Acquisitions Editor, Robert Dowsett – Thank you for reading through an unprecedented amount of submissions and for editing so many novels at such a grueling pace. We really appreciate all that you do.

Our Publishing Assistant, Lauren Ridgewell – Thank you for joining our team just in time to help us with all the ‘little things’ we used to have time for, but don’t anymore and for creating such a beautiful website for the Local Authors and Artists Festival.

Our PR Assistant, Sarah Jane – Thank you for all the assistance you’ve been able to give us, despite your busy schedule. It is appreciated!

Gail Dowsett – Thank you for stepping in to help us edit when we needed an extra set of eyes.

thank_youSapphyria’s Book Tours – Thank you for all your hard work and long hours organizing blog tours and press releases for us!

Sabrina Wiese – Thank you for your help with LAAF and for all the work you’re still doing helping us to get ready for the big day!

I’d also like to thank all of our authors for entrusting their work to us and for working so hard with us to get their novels out into the world. To Matthew Freake, Leigh Goff, Sharon Ledwith, Elizabeth J. M. Walker, Rita Monette, Joshua Pantalleresco, Nate Friedman, and Adam Gaylord – you guys are the best of the best. Thank you for all that you do!

Lastly, thank you to all of our readers, reviewers, bloggers and community partners – you’re the reason we do all this!

NeverWe’re pretty sure we’ve got something great going on here at Mirror World Publishing and we’re hoping you feel the same way. That being said, we’re not the kind of people to be satisfied with great. We’re determined to keep getting bigger and better! So if you’re interested in going on this journey with us, we’ll be resuming our hunt for the best in #escapismfiction as of November 15th, 2015, with aims to publish 3-4 more titles in 2016.

Here’s what we’ll be looking for:

Escapism Fiction.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the ability to escape the mundane through wildly creative fiction. We’re looking for books that act as gateways to other worlds, other times, or other concepts of reality. We prefer strong story telling and strong character development as well as imaginative settings and interesting themes. If your manuscript transports a reader somewhere else, tells an engaging story, and then brings them back feeling like they learned or experienced something unique, then we want to publish your book!

As for genres, we consider primarily:

  •  Speculative Fiction
  •  Fantasy
  •  Science-Fiction (not military)
  •  Romance
  •  Adventure
  •  Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, or Children’s
  •  Cross-genre, or things that don’t fit genre norms.
  •  Outside the box thinking.

We don’t like to limit ourselves, so if you have something you think we’ll like but doesn’t fit the above list, please send it anyway. We’d rather take a chance outside our comfort zones than miss something great.

Thank you for considering us and we look forward to reading your submissions. To find our Submissions Guidelines, click here.

6 thoughts on “Announcement! Submissions will re-open November 15th, 2015!

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  1. Yup, you were there when the chips were down, Mirror World! I really want to thank you for investing in me and my books! Here’s to many, many happy years together! The best is yet to come…

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