Introducing our new Publishing Assitant: Lauren Ridgewell!

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest addition to the Mirror World family, Lauren Ridgewell! Lauren is joining our team as a Publishing Assistant to gain some experience while she completes her high school diploma and prepares to head to the University of Windsor for a degree in English and eventually a career in publishing!

Since Lauren’s going to be writing the occasional blog post and helping out on facebook and twitter, I thought I would invite her to introduce herself and say a few words. So, without further ado, here’s our new Publishing Assistant!

Lauren“Hello everyone, I’m Lauren! I’m the new Publishing Assistant and very excited to be joining the Mirror World team! I’m a high school student, ready to take on my last year. Ever since I was little, fictional stories have always been a part of my life. From the colourful tales of Robert Munch to the magical world of Harry Potter, I’ve loved books that could take me away from reality. As you get older however, escaping reality isn’t as easy as it once was. That’s where my love of reading comes in. Some of my favourite books include; The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, and I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. I would definitely recommend all of these! One day, I wish to write a novelthat can captivate an audience like these did for me. When I’m not reading or writing, you can usually find me browsing through my dashboard on Tumblr or hanging out with friends. I love the simple things in life as well, like drinking out of a hose in the summer or the smell of chlorine at a public pool. I know with an opportunity as fulfilling as this one I’ll be sure to make my mark on the world one small step at a time, starting with Mirror World Publishing!”

 You can find out more about Lauren and the rest of our team on our website: or by following this blog in the top right corner of this page!



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