The Storm is Coming… My Interview with Joshua Pantalleresco!

profilemeJoshua Pantalleresco is the author of the epic poem The Watcher. He lives in Calgary, Alberta and is eagerly anticipating the release of his sequel, Stormdancer which is set to release October 1st, 2015.
Josh wanted to interview me for his blog, so I thought we could hit two birds with one stone. Here’s my conversation with the author of The Watcher:

MW: So, it looks like the information about your sequel was leaked… why don’t you tell us a bit about that?
JP: Stormdancer is the title of this one. This book will be longer and have more pictures in it. It also focuses more on the other characters and not just the Watcher. These kids have lost everything, so I wanted to see how that would affect them and what would happen because of that. I’m currently working with Florence Chan to decide on the cover and the images that will be in the book.
MW: What is your inspiration for The Watcher and the upcoming sequal?WatcherFront copy
JP: “What happens next?” I am always driven by that question. When I sit down to write I don’t have a plan, the story is a journey. I have an idea of where things are going to go and I know where to finish the story, but I like to see where it goes.

MW: You told me a little while back about a film project you were doing, how’s that going?
JP: Everything is filmed. We went out and filmed it when it was -28’C outside. It looks a little like a B movie, but I like it and it was a fun process. Unfortunately my video editing software went kaput, so that caused a bit of a setback, but I hope to have that fixed soon and then I will be releasing the music video/trailer for The Watcher on my blog and here as well.

MW: Speaking of -28’C weather, what’s it like to be an author in Calgary?
JP: Well, I’ve moved around alot and seen a lot of cities. I lived in Phoenix. In Phoenix it was a lot easier. They had platforms for authors to sell their books at. You just had to have a book and there would be places for you to sell it. Canada doesn’t have that. It’s a lot harder to sell books here. One thing I learned from living in Phoenix was how to sell books; how to talk to people. I took that with me to Canada. Calgary has a lot more opportunities for authors than Windsor does. I’ve made some good contacts here. I have a soft spot for Windsor, though. My family is there. Windsor is a place where people are willing to try different things. The economy crashed there earlier and the people of Windsor learned how to deal with that a lot earlier too. They know how to fight for what they get. I feel like Calgary is just on the verge of having to deal with that stuff now. The mentality is different here.

MW: What drives you to write poetry in particular?
JP: I used to hate it, actually. I feel The Watcher is different though because it’s a longer style epic poem. Which is easier than writing say, a Haiku. Epic poem seems a simplified version of writing a novel, for me. I know my weaknesses, and that might be writing a longer novel. Poetry has a certain honesty to it. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is a certain integrity to the style – an honesty and a voice. I admit I get a little scared when I first start working on them because I don’t have a master plan, I just let it happen.

MW: So do you think you would ever try writing a novel?
JP: What makes you think I haven’t been trying? I’ve got three of them on the go, actually. One of them is about a super-hero/villain that can’t be affected by technology, another I’m still researching ideas. I’ve learned that description is important. To create an impression in the reader’s mind is the goal.
I’m not a small idea guy. I like big ideas. So I like the idea of trying my hand at a novel

MW: Besides Poetry, what other sorts of things do you write?
JP: Comic books is where I’m selling. I’ve started a wrestling column about two weeks ago. I’m collaborating with some talented people on comic books and other projects. I’m really busy, especially between all of this and the day job, but this is what I do.

Stormdancer is expected to launch October 1st, 2015. Until then, follow this blog for more info or sign up for our newsletter at

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