It’s Launch Day! The Coffee Monster by Nate Friedman is NOW AVAILABLE!

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The Coffee Monster written by Nate Friedman and illustrated by Saba Bushnaq launches today; July 1st, 2015!

In a pleasant little town lives a normal family with a mom, a dad and two beautiful children. There is just one thing that makes this family different from most other families; they don’t have a dog, a cat, or pets of any kind. Instead, they have a Coffee Monster!

Follow Jenna and James as they try to deal with the Coffee Monster’s antics and help him overcome a personal struggle. Through this simple, but comedic tale, learn about the value of telling the truth, taking care of oneself and each other, and how to work-through everyday issues. Most of all, you just might learn that there’s a little ‘Coffee Monster’ in all of us…

Here’s an excerpt:

.CM1 Pg1 copy

Book Information:

Title: The Coffee Monster

Author: Nate Friedman

Illustrator: Saba Bushnaq

Pages: 36

ISBN: 978-0-9947490-1-7

Buy Links:

Mirror World Publishing

Barnes and Noble

And More!

Author Bio Pic

Nate Friedman

…is a writer from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He graduated from the Kinesiology program at the University of Windsor with a concentration in Sports Psychology. His education has fuelled a keen interest in how people think and what drives them to be their best. Comedy is his first love, from Jim Henson’s Muppets to Walt Disney’s perfect cartooning; his desire to be creative has directed him towards writing children’s literature. He enjoys reading to his nephews, two of his biggest fans. He has penned, “The Coffee Monster” and is currently working on his second book, “The Last Hockey Fight,” which should prove to be another Canadian Classic.

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