Announcement: We’re kicking off our Summer of New Releases with a Brand New Store!

announcementIt’s May 14th and Matthew Freake’s novel, Forbidden launches this Sunday May 17th. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered your copy, you can do so IN OUR NEW STORE!! You can also pre-order Disenchanted by Leigh Goff, coming June 1st, and even The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis by Sharon Ledwith, releasing on June 17th. Not only are all of our ebooks and paperback books available in one easy to navigate place, we also now accept credit cards and Visa Debit in addition to Paypal. You can access the store by following the link above, or by going to our website and clicking on ‘Our Books.’ We hope you like the new store and that you’ll visit it often. We look forward to continuing to bring you the best in #escapism fiction. Let the Summer of New Releases begin! 11174416_10153250014750120_4219779201819854502_o


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