#supernatural #roadtrip The good, the bad, and the painful

Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve given an update. Here’s why:

Day 4 – Horse-capades
#Unintended takes place in a fictional version of medieval Europe and the characters often ride horses, so Murandy and I thought we would get some real experience and inspiration by going horseback riding in the Rockies. That turned out to be not the best idea we’ve ever had. The trail was…. not great and Murandy’s horse, Quiggley, lost its footing on a loose rock and pitched her from its back. What followed was a day in the ER while we waited to discover that Murandy had broken her collar bone dangerously close to her neck.


Day 5 -6 – Healing very slowly
These two days passed in a blur for us both, I think. Murandy was in a lot of pain and I was just doing my best to try and make her comfortable. Though we were at a writer’s retreat and were grateful for the company of the other writers and the fantastic programming we were able to sit in on, we did not get as much writing done as we wanted to. Murandy and I together managed 1 chapter of the third book in the Mirror Series and when Murandy was sleeping through the pain I worked on a different writing project and managed to complete 2 chapters of that.


Day 7 -8 The long road home
The 20+ hour car ride was tough for Murandy and long for me. Colorado was a bumpy winding mountain pass, Nebraska was similar to Kansas only the speed limit was an insane 75miles per hour. Illinois, Iowa and Indiana were similar to each other and got progressively hillier and Michigan took longer to cross than I wanted it to!


Final Thoughts
Unfortunately, as I was driving the whole way I don’t have much in the way of pictures to share with you. I also expect that Murandy and I will stay away from vacations for the next while. Sam and Dean Winchester, your lives are not as glamorous as TV makes them appear and I commend you for your roadtripping skills! Crossing America in a car is not for the faint of heart!

Ps. We are also both extremely grateful to be home!



  1. So sorry to hear about your misfortunes! Thank goodness for the support and care you both received either through the health care providers or other authors at the retreat. Big hugs to you both! Glad you made it home safely!


  2. Thank you for taking such good care of her. I know she is 30 years old but she will always be my baby niece. She is a tough gal but this could take the wind out of anyone’s sales. You are a great friend. Hope you recover from your vacation quickly and get some much needed rest.


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