#Supernatural #Roadtrip Day 2 – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and finally, Lawrence, Kansas.

Note #1, today was not as fun as yesterday.Heavy-rain-motel2

First of all, neither Murandy nor I got much sleep. Something to do with excitement over planning our next novel (which we start on Wednesday!) and all the various noises associated with being in a motel downtown Louisville. We woke up to rain flooding the streets around our motel that looked like the one out of Heavy Rain (the video game)

20150310_091844[1]Despite our exhaustion, we set out. We had a long road ahead of us. We soon left Kentucky behind for Illinois and then Illinois for Missouri. The rain stopped about the time we reached Missouri. Missouri was by far the dullest part of the journey so far. There wasn’t much to see. We had to keep ourselves amused by reading the passing street signs that reminded us periodically that, “Even Superman wears a belt; wear yours!” and that “Car crashes are the number one death of teens in the state of Missouri.” One sign just said simply, “Unbuckled. Seriously?”

Kansas city was unexpectedly large after all the nothingness in Missouri, but we quickly sped through it in our haste to get to Lawrence, Kansas, fictional birthplace of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Lawrence, Kansas seems small and unthreatening; no demon activity to report as of yet, but we’ll have to make sure to place salt lines along the doorway and window sill just to be safe!

Wish us luck for the 9 hour stretch through Kansas and Colorado tomorrow!



  1. You passed north of me by about 70 miles. Hate to tell you this, but Missouri was thrilling compared to your drive across Kansas. But Colorado will blow your socks off!


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