#Supernatural #Roadtrip Day 1 – Lima, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky

Hello everyone!

20150309_092531We’ve safely reached Louisville, Kentucky.

Today started out with a last minute stop at Timmies, since we knew we wouldn’t be seeing one again for a while.  After that, we said goodbye to Canada and very quickly reached the border crossing between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit. I HATE crossing the border. It’s always an interrogation. Here’s a sample of how that went:

“Where are you going?”


“What’s in Colorado?”

“A writer’s retreat.”

“Why Colorado?”

“…That’s where they decided to host it?” *hands customs officer documentation on the retreat*

“Why do YOU need to go there?”

“We’re writers…?”

“What do you write?:

“Sci-fi and fantasy….”

*pause while customs officer reads said document*

“Fine, go ahead.”

20150309_120321From there it was onto Lima, Ohio, home of the show Glee. We were super excited to see this cultural landmark though it turns out that Lima isn’t really much to write home about… We did however get a picture of Lima Senior High School. At a glance, it was the nicest part of Lima.

Oh, and we made sure to listen to a Journey song as we passed through the city!

Beyond Lima, we continued South down toward Louisville. Not much to report there beyond highways in rough condition with wacky turnoffs that come out of nowhere. I have to say I didn’t quite believe my mom when she warned me to beware of potholes, but she was completely right to warn me… I wish I had taken a picture of how dangerous they were to share it with you.

20150309_120137Louisville holds a special place in my heart even though I’ve never been here before. It’s the setting of an apocalypse-style role-playing game run by a friend of mine. So, while we could have skipped Louisville and save ourselves a few hours on this trip, we absolutely had to come and see it for ourselves. What we learned is that there is a massive bridge under construction on the way in that makes it look like the city was already hit by a devastating apocalypse – I was so not disappointed!

20150309_172453Did you know that 90% of the world’s disco balls are made in Louisville, Kentucky? I didn’t. Here’s a picture of a disco ball in the Hard Rock Cafe where we went for dinner.


Lastly, our hotel looks like it’s straight out of the video game “Heavy Rain” If you haven’t played it, you should.

20150309_181035So that’s all for today.

I’ll leave you with this.



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