The Progress Update you’ve all been waiting for!

It’s been a whirlwind for us these past few weeks. As I mentioned in our ‘big announcement’ Musa Publishing closed its doors February 28th and we invited a number of former Musa authors to bring their books to us so we could help them stay in the market where they belong. The response to our invitation was very positive and within two days of sending it out we had fifteen submissions to go through.

We quickly took on some extra help. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Sarah Jane and Gail to the team. Robert, my husband, has been helping us out for some time, but he has now officially joined us as ‘Acquisitions Editor.’

So now for the update…

Supernatural / Writer’s Retreat Roadtrip begins Monday!

supernatural___hunters_logo_by_shervell-d5txon6.pngGet ready to follow along as we tweet, post pictures and possibly write a blog or two on the road from Windsor, Ontario, Canada to the Colorado Rockies and then back again. We’ll be passing through Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas City, Denver, Colorado, and Des Moines, Iowa. We’ll make sure to keep you posted on our progress and also our page count as we try and dive into the next installment of the Mirror Series (no working title yet).

Mirror’s Heart is now available!
MH2descwideThe sequel to Mirror’s Hope launched in February. It is now available through our store, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Indigo, and also locally in Windsor at Crafter’s Plus on Walker Rd, From Our Hands to Yours on Wyandotte and Lauzon, Juniper Books on Ottawa St, and the University of Windsor Bookstore!

Even though we’ll be out of town, you can still get your hands on this book, or any of our other ones.

Forbidden by Matthew Freake is coming up next!

IMG_1672 - CopyMay 17th is the official launch date for Matthew Freake’s Forbidden, so mark your calendars! I’ve been working hard to get the book ready and when when we return from our trip, expect a cover reveal for this excellent book by a very talented author. We’re lucky to have him.

The sequel to The Watcher is coming…

WatcherFront copy
If you haven’t yet read Joshua Pantalleresco’s The Watcher, you should do that now. You’re missing out. Joshua’s epic poem is a very unique experience, but also accessible enough that you can read it in an afternoon. I can’t recommend this book enough.
And, for those of you who have read it, or plan to in the near future, there is good news! The sequel is expected to launch this summer, so subscribe to this blog, or sign up to our newsletter on our website to keep up with the details!

Sol of the Coliseum, The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis, Unintended…

…and more are also coming in 2015.

Colorado State University1usSharon Ledwith #1 Headshot
Adam Gaylord’s novel about a Gladiator slave that sparks a revolution, Sol of the Coliseum is currently in production.
Unintended, a Shakespearian-style romantic comedy about good intentions, by myself and Murandy Damodred is currently being read by BETA readers.
The time travel series that includes: The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis and the sequel, Legends of the Timekeepers, by Sharon Ledwith is going to enter production in April.

And that’s not all! I still have 2-3 more authors to introduce to you, which means 2-3 more books to love. Introductions coming, I promise, but for now:

Please subscribe to this blog at the top right of this page, or go to our website to sign up to receive notifications about our new releases and cover reveals. Thank you!


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