The BIG Announcement!

announcementWell, I promised you 2015 would be the year of exciting things for Mirror World Publishing and it turns out that I was more right about that than I realized at the time!

An e-book publisher by the name of Musa Publishing is closing its doors on Feb 28th. This was brought to my attention by a local author that I greatly respect. As of the end of this month, she and a number of other Musa authors will be left in a very precarious position. Their published novels will no longer be available for sale in the markets where they used to be readily available. Essentially these authors will be forced to decide whether to go it alone or try and find another publisher (which in many cases would mean starting the submission process all over again).

I’ll admit my heart went out to these authors. But, more than that, I wanted to help them and knew immediately that I was in a unique position to do so.

As you all know, Mirror World Publishing has only been around for a year, and as such we still have a fairly small collection of books and authors. As I’ve mentioned, 2015 is supposed to be our year to expand, so what better way to do it than to invite these authors to join us with their quality books? We get a whole host of new quality material to read and work with, and they get to keep their books on the market where they belong. Win-win, right? Best of all, YOU, our readers get access to a whole new collection of books for you to fall in love with. And really, that’s what this is all about!

So, with that in mind there will be a lot more introductions to be made and a list of books to announce, so I strongly encourage you all to subscribe to this blog and to sign up for our newsletter to get information about new releases. You can do that here:



  1. Great news, Justine! I so honored and proud to be a part of Mirror World Publishing! Looking forward to connecting with new readers as well as giving my current readers new books to enjoy! Salute and thank you for keeping my young adult time travel series in the hands of readers everywhere!


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