Introducing… Adam Gaylord!!

Please join Murandy and I in giving a warm welcome to Adam Gaylord, the newest member of the Mirror World Publishing family!

Colorado State University

 Adam Gaylord lives with his beautiful wife, daughter, and less beautiful dog in Loveland, CO. When not at work as a biologist he’s usually hiking, drinking craft beer, drawing comics, writing short stories, or some combination thereof. He’s had stories published in Penumbra eMag, Dark Futures Magazine, Silver Blade Magazine, and Plasma Frequency Magazine, among others. You can check out his stuff at and or look him up on Goodreads.

In the fall of 2015, Mirror World Publishing will be releasing Adam Gaylord’s novel, Sol of the Coliseum.

Sol of the Coliseum is the story of a gladiator named Sol who lives his whole life inside the walls of the Coliseum while, unbeknownst to him, his continued survival in the arena sparks a revolution in the world outside of it. Sol gives us a glimpse into a new world; that of a slave born and raised in a place where any hope of freedom comes second to survival.

Stay tuned for more news about Adam and his upcoming novel by subscribing to this blog or checking back to our website often:


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