Upcoming Roadtrip

March 11-15th Murandy and I will be going here:


Well, maybe not this exact cabin, but we’re headed to Estes Park, Colorado for a writing retreat. On the way there we’ll be road-tripping across the United States passing through Lima, Ohio. (Setting of Glee)


And Louisville, Kentucky, the setting of a story I’m working on… Also, Lawrence, Kansas birthplace of fictional characters Sam and Dean Winchester.


Those of you who have watched the show Supernatural will understand why that’s relevant on a roadtrip!

Clap Your Hands If You Believewmplayer202007-05-052018-34-35-71

So, the above picture will be Murandy and I, only our car is blue, we’re female and we’re not hunters, we’re writers, but you get the idea. I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on our progress when we set out.


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