Introducing… Matthew Freake!

I promised there would be exciting new developments in 2015, well here’s one of them!

IMG_1672 - Copy

Matthew Freake

Murandy and I are proud to welcome Matthew Freake to the Mirror World Publishing family. Matthew is an avid lover of books and storytelling in all forms, including theatre. He has won awards for set and costume design with the dramatic presentations of “A Gap in Generations” by Jerry Blunt and “A Bird of Prey” by Jim Grimsley. For the latter, he was also awarded for exceptional directing.

We look forward to bringing you his book, Forbidden in the coming months. Forbidden is an insightful tale of true love and ultimate tragedy. The story follows a young man named Nathan who finds love in the most unexpected of places; a rail yard camp in Lakefield, Ontario in 1957. Together, Nathan and Alex must face complex obstacles in discovering not only themselves, but each other, in a time where anything out of the ordinary is considered dangerous.

In addition to Forbidden, estimated to be released May 17th, 2015 by Mirror World Publishing, Matthew has also written and self-published ‘A Fairy Tale Murder’ short story series. Follow Mirror World Publishing by subscribing to this blog, following us on Facebook, or checking our website often to keep up with news about Matthew and his upcoming novel, Forbidden.


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