Not what I intended and why that’s awesome!

So not even five minutes ago, Murandy and I finished the first draft of our latest writing project. When we started working on #Unintended we had no real plans and no idea that the story was going to sweep us away like it did.

When we sat down to start writing, it was just after finishing Mirror’s Heart. We didn’t think too hard about what we wanted to write, only that we wanted it to be a side project to work on while we waited for our Beta readers to finish with Mirror’s Heart and a sort of ‘palette cleanser’ before the next book in the Mirror series (because as much as we love them we were getting a little tired of Mira and Hope.)

We started by writing about two characters and their interactions, namely Creston Vellaire and Vivianne Chappelle and decided about 50 pages in to that we didn’t really like what we had written and weren’t sure where we were going with it… so we scrapped it. We chose different characters, fleshed out the world some more and restarted Chapter 1 intending to tell the same story from a different angle, but what we got was something entirely different and way more engaging. You see, sometimes our characters do what they want instead of what we want and I’ve learned over the years that they often know better than I do.

So we ended up with a first chapter where the Gaelic speaking heroine is sent south of her homeland to marry the bachelor prince of Ismer, only to accidentally marry the handsome, yet already engaged Lord D’Arbonne instead. She then meets the Prince who was her intended and realizes her mistake, but also that it is too late to correct it as his father, the King, is dead set on going through with the arranged marriage, no matter what.

After the first chapter we were hooked, but we had to go back and do some major rewrites on Mirror’s Heart because our Beta readers had some serious complaints (oops). We spent a good deal of time fixing those and worrying that by the time we were ready to look at Unintended again we would have lost interest. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and we dove back into the manuscript near the end of October. We spent all of November and most of December writing nearly every night. Now it’s mid-January and we’re all done! (excited dance)

What’s interesting about that is not only did we write a long book with an involved plot in such a short time, but its also roughly the same time period that the book takes place over. Which is kind of a weird coincidence, now that I think about it.

So anyway, now that it’s done, what we’ve ended up with is an engaging comedic story about intentions and mistakes and the part that fate plays in it all. It’s fantasy, it’s romance, it’s comedy and a it’s a touch historical, with a plot styled like that in a Shakespearian play. In short, #Unintended was not what we were intending to write, it’s better and you certainly won’t want to miss this one.


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