Welcome to the Book Chain!

So for my New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided to do my part to see that books receive the social media attention they deserve. To do that, I’ve created the #MWBookChain. What’s a book chain, you ask?

You remember those annoying chain letters, right? The ones that threatened you with doom if you didn’t forward them to a dozen of your closest friends and suggested that you just might get fortune and happiness if you did? Well, this is kind of like that, only not annoying, not threatening and awesome because… well… BOOKS!

Here’s the concept. For every book we sell or give away, we’re going to include this image, (or another like it): Bookchainad

I think the above image speaks for itself, but let’s break it down some. You receive a book with this either printed inside of it, or stuffed in like a bookmark. You follow the instructions and then pass that same book along to someone else, or keep it and pass another book of your choice with this image added to it to keep the chain going. With minimal effort, you’re now adding to a book’s presence online and you’re giving the book’s author valuable feedback on their writing. Essentially what we’re creating is an online conversation about BOOKS, which is what this is all about.

Additionally authors and publishers, if you want to start using the chain to get people talking about your books, feel free to use this image, or contact me for a custom one and Mirror World Publishing will be happy to send you any feedback or images, or reviews we receive about your books. And followers of the chain can keep up with the conversation by searching or #MWBookChain or following @MirrorWorldpub on their favorite social media sites.

I’ve kicked the chain off by donating copies of Mirror’s Hope. I’ll get some pictures of that circulating shortly. Enjoy the chain, join the conversation and have a great book-filled 2015!!


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