December’s Feature: The Dream Map by Jason Luthor

Welcome to Mirror World Publishing’s blog where we will be featuring some amazing authors and their amazing books and offering some fantastic deals and giveaways! I’m proud to introduce Jason Luthor and his YA novel, The Dream Map. The art for this novel is inspiring and the concept also. Take a look below and see for yourself!

Also, be sure to check out Jason’s upcoming Facebook Event for Charity:


The Dream Map

AuthorJason Luthor

Genre: A YA Fantasy Adventure

Two Worlds. One Legend.

“I’m looking for maps of worlds that don’t exist.”
Most people only dream of living the adventures they read about. Max lives them. After an experiment leaves him with the power to enter fantastic worlds using only maps of them, Max finds himself in a kingdom at war. With the aid of his scientific genius companion Heidi, and a flame throwing princess named Kate, Max will sail treacherous seas to the end of the world, argue with dragons for the fate of LaGuna, and delve into the dark halls of Castle Vezan to find an ancient source of evil.

The captain grunted an affirmative as he gently guided the Star Cutter through the passage they were now trapped within. She was surrounded on both sides with walls as white as ivory soap and nearly scraped her sides against them. The rocky walls passed so close that a man could nearly reach out and touch them, and the ship groaned in a low tone, as if she was complaining about the choice of route. Teeth clamped as the hull strained under the gentle pressure of the walls, while every person aboard seemed to stop breathing at once. The old girl kept together, though, and soon the air was shimmering with a low, ethereal tone. All around them, rainbow lights sparked in and out of existence. They watched as glittering orbs formed from nothing before drifting past them on trails of light. These orbs lazied about for a few moments on the deck before flying beyond the nose of the vessel, dancing with one another in pivoting circles or drifting back to the railing. Max reached out to catch one only to see it dart aside, spiraling down his arm before sprinting off into the air. “What the heck are they?” he asked as he walked along the railing, watching as the orbs grew in number, their light increasing.

Kate looked all about, watching with everyone else. “It is said in our legends that this is the final destination of souls before they move onto the next world. Could these be…?”

“Well, whatever they are, they seem pretty harmless. And kinda’ cool.” He glanced downward, watching as the waters shifted. The ocean blue had become like silver, the rainbow lights reflecting off the surface in a harmonious medley that cast a dazzling color along the hull of the ship.

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Jason Luthor has spent a long life writing for sports outlets, media companies and universities. His earliest writing years came during his coverage of the San Antonio Spurs as an affiliate with the Spurs Report and its media partner, WOAI Radio. He would later enjoy a moderate relationship with Blizzard Entertainment, writing lore and stories for potential use in future games. At the academic level he has spent several years pursuing a PhD in American History at the University of Houston, with a special emphasis on Native American history.

His inspirations include some of the obvious; The Lord of the Rings and Chronciles of Narnia are some of the most cited fantasy series in history. However, his favorite reads included the Earthsea Cycle, the Chronicles of Prydain, as well as science fiction hits such as Starship Troopers and Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?

What the author has to say about The Dream Map:

M|W: In your own words, what is The Dream Map about?
Jason Luthor: The Dream Map is about anyone that’s ever wanted to live their greatest fantasies. Max is a loveable loser, a high schooler with bad grades and almost no friends. He’s introverted and shy, but passionate about his writing, reading and his one friend, Heidi. After a lab accident tears apart reality, Max gets the power to bridge between worlds and travel to those amazing places he’d always read about. There, for the first time, he discovers new friendships, confidence in himself, plus fights pirates, debates with dragons, sails to the edge of the world and uncovers ancient evils along the way. The Dream Map is about a young man that finds the strength to do the impossible through the friendships he makes. It’s also about living your wildest dreams.
M|W: What prompted you to write this story?
Jason Luthor:I love writing but since I have such diverse interests I was looking for a way to write a story that left me to explore very different types of worlds. I love anime, manga, video games like Final Fantasy Six, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts, in addition to movies like Star Wars, or books like the Chronicles of Narnia. I just love imagination. Now, I’ve always been a fan of fantasy maps, like those you see between the covers of books like Lord of the Rings. So my friend and I were shopping at a book store. I turn to him and I say, “I’m looking for maps of worlds that don’t exist.”
Boom. I knew that was it. First lines to my book, in which a boy discovers the power to cross into other worlds using the fantasy maps he finds in them. Inspiration strikes at funny times.
M|W: Is this your first novel? Do you have any other projects in the works?
Jason Luthor: It’s not my first novel, but it is the first I’ve brought to market. I tried my hand in high school at science fiction with a book called ERISCHAN. It was too derivative of Star Wars and my writing was terrible, but still it was a good experience. Since the hero of The Dream Map can travel between different worlds, maybe he’ll run into the characters from ERISCHAN one day. The Dream Map is far more polished, having gone a few rounds with my former agent and his readers, who helped tighten it up and reduce some of the wordiness. As far as other projects, none at the moment though I’d love to make sequels for The Dream Map. I have the prewritten story and outlines for the first sequel sitting on my table.
M|W: The Dream Map is for a YA audience, right? Any reason you chose to write for this particular age group?
Jason Luthor: The books that stick out in my mind are all aimed at the high school age range. Think about it. Fantasy books like Harry Potter or the Lightning Thief all target Middle Grade to Young Adults, but they drawn in an adult audience because they’re accessible. Older fantasies like The Chronicles of Prydain, the Hobbit or A Wizard of Earthsea all do the same thing. But some of the greatest literature of our time is about kids or young adults. When you think about Catcher in the Rye or To Kill A Mockingbird, those books tackle very adult material but do so from perspectives of younger people. In fact those books are still recommended reading for high schoolers to this day. Books aimed in this range capture the imaginations of all ages. I certainly am still a huge fan of this type of literature.
M|W: Anything else we should know?
Jason Luthor: If the book gains a decent following I’d love to follow up with a sequel, or several. I’ve created a story that’s self containing but leaves enough threads that there is room for many sequels. The world of LaGuna is just one world of many Max could travel to, and I’d love to share that experience with my readers. If the book does really well, I’m going to release a companion book called “The Art of the Dream Map”. I’ve worked with an artist to produce the covers and maps for the book and there’s a lot more art work we’d like to release if we see the demand. Also, I’ve got a charity event called “The One Day December Donation Deal” on December 12th. The goal is to get 1,000 participants to buy the book and donate 60% of the proceeds to the charity “Save The Children” to help with their sweater campaign, which donates warm clothes to needy kids during the winter.
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