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Mirror’s Hope

AuthorJustine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred  |  Cover Artist: Sara Biddle

Genre: A dark Fantasy Romance novel

Even the world we know casts a shadow…

If you’re looking to be entertained and inspired by escaping to a fictional world filled with believable characters and you could use a little seduction and intrigue, then this book is for you!

Kind-hearted Mirena Calanais is an outcast in a world where common morality is reversed. She desperately wishes to bring about change and she’s given her chance when the ‘Avatar of the Light’ appears in her bedroom in the middle of the night. Their romance begins, but is tested when Mirena decides that the best way to take on the tyrant who rules their society is to seduce him. Risking it all to get what she wants, Mirena realizes too late that everything has a price and sometimes that price is more than one person can pay alone.

The room was nothing like it usually was. The sheets were ripped and covered in shards of glass, broken pottery and discarded luxuries. Their remains were tangled on the floor and mixed with spots of blood from where glass had cut his skin, as he paced the length of the room or walked about in search of more things to destroy. The pillows, too, had been torn open and feathers littered the bed and the free space on the lush black carpet surrounding it.

Terrence was in the room also, but he was not on the bed and the bottom layer of sheets appeared unused. He sat in a black leather chair, fully dressed for the day in a pristine black and gold Mage’s outfit. His posture was relaxed and his face covered by his hand as he regarded her, ignoring the chaos around him.

Lyana let the sight of it all wash over her as she took it in and reconciled herself to it. This is the man I’ve chosen to love. This is him; all of it. If I love him as I say, then I have to accept the bad with the good.

But, dear Creator, do I ever want to be afraid of him right now…


Everything has a price…

In a self-serving dystopian society, Mirena’s kind-hearted nature leaves her socially outcast. Daunted by the task of trying to initiate change herself, she tries desperately to conform to the expectations of the cruel society around her.

That is, until she meets Tendro…

General to the Panarch’s armies and a rising star in government, no one expects Tendro Seynor to be the prophesied Avatar of the Light, but that’s exactly what he’s become. Alone, he doesn’t have the resolve necessary to follow the path destiny has set before him; but that all changes when meets Mirena and falls in love with her simple faith.

Brought together by fate, Mirena and Tendro must find a way to change their world for the better or risk the consequences of being on the wrong side of an all-powerful tyrant and his unforgiving Generals.

Can they tip the balance of power in their world, or will the lengths they have to go get them in too deep to get back out again?

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1usJustine Alley Dowsett (right) and Murandy Damodred (left) are the co-owners of Mirror World Publishing.

With a passion for media and sales, Murandy has a strong background in public relations and promotions as well as an education in Drama and Communications. Justine is an author and has worked in a multitude of industries. She comes to Mirror World Publishing after acting as Producer and Business and Marketing Director for First Age Studios.

You can find them on facebook or Twitter @mirrorworldpub

What the authors have to say about Mirror’s Hope:

M|W:  In your own words, what is Mirror’s Hope about?

Murandy: It’s about a man and a woman trying to bring about social change in their world, only the man wants to start a revolution and the woman wants to use seduction and intrigue to get what she wants.

M|W: What prompted you to write Mirror’s Hope?
Murandy: We’ve had this story in our heads for a long time now and one day we just sat down and said, we’re getting this on paper.
Justine: So we did. Three months later we had a novel and three months after that we decided to publish it and launch our company.
M|W: Are there any other projects that you’re working on currently?
 Justine: We’re happy to announce the tentative release date for the upcoming sequel is December 17th, 2014
Murandy: Mirror’s Heart will feature Mirena Calanais going back to the Mirror World to sort out some unfinished business and discover who she really is.
 Heartad2 copy

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