Excerpt Time! Mirror’s Heart is #comingsoon

If you have read Mirror’s Hope, great! If you haven’t, you might want to do that as soon as possible, because the sequel is on its way. Currently, the manuscript is in its final stages, ready for the test readers to take a second look at it and the cover reveal is the next thing on our list. For now, I thought I would give you an excerpt from Chapter One! It’s not the beginning, though, it’s a flashback scene to something that takes place between book one and book two. Enjoy!

PS. The back of the book and some other information about Mirror’s Heart can be found on our website. http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com/featured


It sounded like thunder, but there were no clouds.

Word of the army’s approach reached them long after the sounds of the war drums could be heard on the wind from the south. Being outside of town, the small cottage Odark had been kind enough to allow Elizabeth and Mira to hide out in was naturally one of the last places to be advised of what was common knowledge at the Keep or in town.

Despite the sounds that had kept Mira on edge for hours, the news, when it officially came, was still a shock.

“War?” Elizabeth questioned. “Here? Are you fucking kidding me? We left home for this. It was supposed to be safe… Aren’t you the one that always goes on and on about just how nice people are here?! How do you explain this?”

Even standing was a chore for Mira now, as far along as she was in her pregnancy, but there was no way she was going to take this news sitting or lying down. So, she paced, back and forth, the continued motion the only thing keeping fear from overcoming her entirely.

“It’s not like I could have predicted that this would happen,” Mira countered, though in her mind she was thinking about how if war was here, then war was probably raging in the world she’d left behind as well. The two realms really were Mirrors of one another; it was more than just the people, events seemed to follow the same rules. “We should have been safe so far away from the Capital…” she told Elizabeth, “I don’t understand what is going on…”

“We’re about to get trampled is what’s going on,” Elizabeth exclaimed. “The way I see it, we’ve got two options, hide in the basement and hope this building is strong enough to withstand what’s coming, or book it out of here and try to make it to the Sentinal Stones and go back home.”

A lancing pain struck Mira in her lower back and she staggered, reaching for the back of the sofa to support herself. Elizabeth, lost in her own thoughts didn’t seem to notice Mira’s distress.

“I.. I don’t think that I can use the Sentinal Stones right now… and I don’t think we can stay here…”

“I gave you two options, Mira,” Elizabeth protested, turning on Mira, clearly ready for a fight; her hands on her hips. “Are my ideas not good enough for you right now? Huh?”

“Elizabeth, the situation has changed and we need to go, now.”

The last thing that Mira wanted to do right now was argue with her sister. The first lancing pain had evidently only been a warning; the next bout was even worse and with a sudden realization, she knew what was happening and that as much as she wanted it to, it wasn’t going to stop any time soon.

“Changed?!” Elizabeth’s voice was shrill with panic now. “We have an army marching to our doorstep and if that’s anything to go by, there is likely another one coming for this one from the North. We’re about to get caught in the middle of -”


“…The largest battle that this sleepy little town has ever seen and all of our soldiers are going to be too busy defending the – ”


“I’m not finished!” Elizabeth interjected, determined to finish her tirade, despite the circumstances. “The soldiers are going to defend the Keep -”

“Elizabeth, my water just broke!”

“Your what just what?” Elizabeth spun around and really took notice of Mira for the first time since the conversation had started. It was obvious looking at Mira, who was clutching her massive pregnant belly and doubled over in pain, that she was in labour and the baby was coming now. “Well, why didn’t you say something sooner?! There’s no way you can run now, and I’m certainly not going to deliver your baby in the basement cellar all by myself. We’ve got no choice… we have to get to the Keep.”

Mira was surprised at the way her sister calmly handled the news and even more impressed by the way Elizabeth took charge and got everything ready in no time at all.

“Get in,” Elizabeth instructed authoritatively pointing to the small two-wheeled cart that she’d attached to the back of their only horse. It didn’t look in anyway safe or comfortable to lie in and the only concession to that Elizabeth had made was to lay a thick blanket on the bottom so at least she wouldn’t get splinters from the rough wood.

Between contractions, Mira allowed Elizabeth to help her into the bed of the cart as there really was no better option. Surly-faced and muttering under her breath about bad timing, Elizabeth hauled herself up onto the big black mare and they were off; Mira’s cart bouncing in time with the pain that radiated from her spine. Soon she couldn’t tell if the pain she felt was due to her labour, the cart, or both.

Like a storm rolling in, the first wave of the Panarch’s army crested the hill that was the southern border of Nefall and the sea of armoured men and mages came crashing into the small town like the lightning the thunder had promised. Mira, looking backwards as the cart rumbled through the Keep’s gate, watched the end of an era coming for them all and there was no controlling the terror that consumed her, even as Grace fought to free himself from her womb.


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